World Ocean Day: The Power of the Ocean to help

“Two of Treadright’s major projects, announced in 2021, are marine carbon emissions systems, selected because of their support of Contiki’s wider Climate Action Plan. as a large travel group, climate change is a serious challenge – both for the way the trip is going, and for the public to develop the consequences.

GreenWave – Rebuilding the Ocean (Connecticut, USA)

GreenWave is a new marine farming group that is learning how to add kelp to the soil to increase its carbon storage capacity while reducing harmful nitrous oxide emissions on new land farmers.

This project hopes to ensure the many benefits of zero input farming. Producer and producer Woody Harrelson agrees: regenerative farming “is a simple solution – a way to save our planet” (Kiss the Ground, 2020).

Papahana Vesta – Uses Olivine to control climate change

Project Vesta’s mission is to use ocean power to move one trillion tonnes of extra carbon out of the atmosphere. Project Vesta will do this by taking an olivine, a simple green volcanic mineral, and placing it on the beach. Here, surfing accelerates the process of carbon dioxide capture and depletes the acid in the ocean. This is a very practical solution that can be greatly improved in addressing climate change.

These projects, which use the power of the ocean to benefit humans, wildlife and the future of our planet, show us the solutions we need to address. now, given to us in the form of. I call on governments and agencies around the world to seek these solutions and help them improve for our benefit. “

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