Why more travel riots going on

(CNN) – This is the summer of our happiness, Shakespeare didn’t write directly on “Richard III,” but for plane trips to the US and Europe that’s what’s being planned this summer.

Flights are missing from the schedule – some at the last minute because planes don’t provide the services of travelers who have spent a lot of money, often in the hopes of enjoying their first flight to years. More than 1,500 planes were canceled in the U.S. alone this past Saturday and Sunday, and the U.S. is heading into its July 4th holiday weekend.
Delta Air Lines cut about 100 flights a day from its schedule in July to “reduce noise” and issued a waiver for July 4 flights to ensure Is said to be due to the large number of cars “not known before the disease.Air Canada said it would close 10% of flights in July and August, at about 150 a day.

On airplanes, it is much easier to see passengers lining up outside the gates or camping at departure offices such as slowing down safely, looking and moving. Increasing the chaos.

Sailors were asked to turn forward to fly their flight, then to add to the confusion, again asked not to turn quickly. “Imagine you are only greeted at the departure lounge 4 hours before your flight,” Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport said this week.

Then there is the problem of cargo. At London’s Heathrow Airport, photographs showing huge piles of bags separated from their owners were taken by the viewer of the many pilots stationed at the airport. anger of trying to claim lost property or waiting for days to reunite with them.

There is no quick fix

Planes and planes struggled to replace training personnel who were released during illness.

Planes and planes struggled to replace training personnel who were released during illness.

Chandan Khanna / AFP / Pictures

All in all, air travel is a risk – albeit a gamble – right now. And the high season is just beginning.

There is no quick fix. This week, German airline Lufthansa told passengers in an email “the situation is unlikely to improve in the short term,” saying it could only be stable in the winter.

“We don’t have a lot of staff and resources, not only in our business partners but in some of our areas,” he said. “Almost every company in our industry is now hiring a new employee, with thousands based in Europe alone.”

Although the problem with the airport was the fact that flights were delayed and canceled. Dutch carrier KLM was forced to cut off all European flights to Amsterdam, despite the large number of aircraft.

So what does it do? Most industrial aircraft look like real rocket science, but the set of problems that airplanes and planes are facing today is not. But it’s about a common business problem: employees.

And the aviation industry knew it was coming.

“Nothing surprising”

Crowds and passengers at airports are becoming a feature of air travel in the summer of 2022.

Crowds and passengers at airports are becoming a feature of air travel in the summer of 2022.

Stephane Mahe / Reuters

“In the midst of their own research, research that my team and others have conducted, and their recording system, it has been found – and therefore it is clear – that there is a strong demand. travel again, ”said Henry Harteveldt. leader in market research and Atmosphere Research advisory team.

“They may not have looked at their own data, or misread or misread it, but none of this should surprise the planes.”

In almost every case, the problem is that many of the people who are discharged during illness – whether they are on or off – are on airplanes, planes, and other aircraft. other than that the aircraft system was not affordable and suitable for the people. replace them.

That point of view is important. As airplanes and planes are well aware, there is a whole process by which a person has some form of security that allows them to work on the plane or at the airport.

In the UK, there is the fact that they will not be able to pull in European workers after Brexit.

There are some very difficult exercises to actually do at work, not the least of which is the look and feel of most of the flying travel computer systems that were seen in the home in the 1980s. the first iPhone or the new Android world.

Addison Schonland, a partner at the aircraft review and reporting team AirInsight, summed up the affected areas as “a part of the air travel system that has workers.”

“Release is easy, return people with proper security clearance,” Schonland said. “U.S. airlines are notorious for being unreliable operators – boom and bust cycles are the nature of wobbly work – and work that requires professionals who are trying to do the work.

One of the problems is with the amount of outsourcing.

Food for rioting

The mountains of bags being separated from their owners at London Heathrow Airport have become a symbol of air travel problems.

The mountains of bags being separated from their owners at London Heathrow Airport have become a symbol of air travel problems.

Takuya Matsumoto / The Yomiuri Shimbun / Reuters Connect

On many aircraft, including in Europe, critical tasks such as inspection, security, cargo, porting and aircraft maintenance are performed by personnel working for third -party industries. Agreed planes and planes. You will often see them in low -cost clothing unlike the crew of your aircraft.

These people work very hard in some cases – such as carrying bags outside in the snow and sun, working before dawn and in the evening, and working with passengers to avoid I’m bored.

One of them is a real question of employment relationships.

For example, during illness, British Airways asked some UK employees to take a 10%pay cut. Some workers have had their salaries raised, but not certified workers at Heathrow, they want to pound to get it. British Airways said the move was frustrated and hoped it would find a way to avoid it business.

No matter which side of the Atlantic you go to, it is food for unrest.

In the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration is facing problems due to the lack of pilots, said Atmosphere Research’s Harteveldt.

“The health limitations associated with Covid limit the FAA’s ability to hire and train new air pilots in 2020 and 2021,” he said. “In addition, pilots have to retire at age 56, and the calendar doesn’t end in those two years.

“The FAA is hiring people to become pilots, but the training process will take a long time. Now, airlines are setting up more planes in some areas, even more so. Florida, before the FAA can serve.

“Therefore, if the weather is good, the FAA should provide some aircraft with long -term, small straight routes that can be delayed, in order to spread the burden on their flight stations.”

So what do the flyers do?

The best advice I can give you as an aviation historian who has not seen this great commotion is to make a diary.

Think of others in flight; if your trip takes less than eight hours by train, canoe, car or car. If you’re not going with the right people to go back to school in the fall, consider a trip in September to October rather than July or August.

– If you have to fly, select non -stop planes on connecting planes if available and appropriate. Relationships add complexity and increase vulnerability to termination or delay, especially in areas where there can be serious problems in the summer.

– In Europe, choose small hubs with good for good and no major problems reported: Munich, Zurich and Vienna were the safest.

Pick up planes earlier in the day rather than later – which means more options for the same day trip if your flight is canceled or too late. Strong relationships – less than two – should be avoided if possible.

Choose airlines that offer multiple flights per day on a route than those with only one or two.

Explore other options along the way. If you find the sun and thunder in Dallas or Houston, can you ask the courier to take you to Chicago, Philadelphia or Dulles?

– Some planes offer quicker and safer viewing, access to the restroom and boarding as a new purchase, and are better than ever. Or in the US, consider TSA PreCheck. Include it in your weekly schedule to see if there are discounted fitness options: It’s a great time to splurge on extra comfort and quick benefits.

Combine that with the frequent flight schedule of your aircraft. Not only will you get a few miles but most rebooking systems pre -set the rebooking frequency in some way – that is, the low rebooking systems. Also use the aircraft’s software, which makes re -installation easier.

– If the rebooking options don’t work in the app, can make phone calls or media. Airlines often respond to direct messages via Twitter. The site is also good for airplanes, airplanes or modern upgrades.

Add light and choose to take it only, if you can. If you need to inspect your bags, keep clothes and essentials in your luggage. Bring food, recipes and upload your programs with TV and movies. And bring the most important thing this summer – and every time you go: patience.

Good luck, and feel free to ask questions on Twitter, where I have @thatjohn.

Top photo: Passengers stand at a TSA checkpoint at Orlando International Airport, May 3. Photo: Kirby Lee / AP

Aviation historian John Walton was an expert in aviation. With over a decade of experience in aircraft, seats, offices, integration, graphics, design, sales and branding, he has a vision. independent of what the world’s largest industry sees. He can be found on Twitter at @thatjohn.

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