Why it’s hard to stick to a certain food (and what to do)

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Fat is still rising in America every year. Many people are looking for ways to diet and gain healthy weight once and for all. The problem is, weight problems aren’t easy. There are many reasons why people find it difficult to lose weight and there are many reasons why people struggle about diet. Here is the reason:

Why it’s hard to stick to a food

As a result, people (especially women) humble themselves because they are overweight and because they can’t keep up with food. Many people feel depressed because they don’t take good care of their food. As you can imagine, this belief can lead to mental health problems if they are not related to diet or weight loss.

Traditional diet plans also rely on calorie restriction, which means people have to choose between being overweight or hungry. But a lack of control over eating and eating is not the only (or important) thing that can help with weight problems.

Eating too much is not a healthy feeling. The body is designed to feel hungry when it needs fuel and to be satisfied when it doesn’t. When all goes well, that’s the case. But sometimes this circle is wrong.

What’s wrong?

The cause of this hunger / starvation satiety is often leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that monitors energy intake and excretion and stimulates the hunger to be filled when needed. But blocking leptin in the body can do this job as it should. The body does not know how leptin is being released and therefore does not have the signal that we are eating enough. If you are struggling with weight problems, you may have leptin resistance.

One of the main reasons for leptin protection is the Standard American Diet (SAD). The foods eaten by most Americans are food-poor but high in calories. This type of food leads to a lot of energy (sugar) but very little nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, etc. In other words, your body gets enough (or enough) calories, but is too hungry for food. This starts the body to retain fat before burning and other activities that increase weight.

According to Drs. David Ludwig, author of Always hungry, explain, it is not a lot of fat, but it is a real problem of starvation in the cells of the body. Therefore, calorie restriction, as most traditional foods rely on, will only exacerbate the problem.

Bottom line, if you’re having a hard time sticking to food, it’s not your fault! Most weight loss programs or diets do not address the above problems.

How to make a diet (for good)

But there are simple ways to diet and lose the last weight that are consistent with the root cause of weight gain. Here are some ways in which healthy weight can be achieved:

Understand that depression is a symptom of a larger problem

As mentioned earlier, depression is the underlying symptom of other health problems. It is a form of problem solving that often solves the weight problem. Leptin resistance (as mentioned earlier), insulin resistance, thyroid disease, etc., can all contribute to depression. Attempts to improve weight if any of these underlying factors are not addressed will not work. My best advice is to see an occupational therapist who can tell you if the cause of your weight problems is an underlying problem and what to do about it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be known to be deficient in leptin to start doing things that help. Anything you do to support proper leptin can only benefit the body. Some of them are:

Doing any of these things can help the body rebuild so weight loss is not too difficult.

Make health a part of your lifestyle

You want to think about your new healthy foods as a lifestyle change. Foods from the ’70s and’ 80s won’t be cut. These common foods are something you “run” to lose weight and then “come” when you suffer from depression.

These types of foods are worse than good, considering that weight problems are often the result of poor nutrition. But we need to embrace healthy foods. You don’t have to give up on hunger to eat healthy! Here are some ways to do this:

  • Look for new favorite foods that only use healthy foods (and remember that healthy fats are important and should not be avoided!).
  • Make meals at home with healthy foods (think ice cream, cheesecake, and cookies). Natural foods are better than processed or processed foods.
  • Create a regular routine that allows time to prepare and eat healthy foods as well as more time outdoors, moving around, and reducing weight.

Making healthy habits a natural part of your life can help you live a healthy and happy life (no limits!). I eat about 95% healthy foods, and I can honestly say I am never deficient.

Eat real food

One way to make health a part of your lifestyle is to make healthy eating more important. One of the most important things about food is the type of food you eat. Unhealthy foods such as simple foods have been linked to help prevent leptin and insulin resistance and will not help you lose weight.

On the other hand, natural foods can help support the body and improve various ways of coping with weight. It is important to note that:

  • Healthy protein – We are looking for chicken, grass -fed beef and lamb, and fish caught in the wild.
  • Good fats – These include avocado, natural olive oil, coconut oil, butter or other fats from healthy animals, and fatty fish.
  • Lots of food – The good thing is, we only eat plants without pesticides, but the main thing is to eat lots of them!
  • Sweeteners – Instead of sugar, flavor foods with fruit, maple syrup, raw honey, or natural sweeteners. It is also important not to rely too much on junk food. We often mix it with fruits and use sweeteners for preservation sometimes.
  • Good carbohydrates – Fruits and other sweets are high in carbon dioxide, but it is important to have other types of carbon dioxide. My favorites are the sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes. For some people, low -fat walking will help with weight loss, but that’s a high goal to look forward to after switching to a real diet.

All you need to do is change the diet to get your body back on track. In any case, it is a very good first step and can have a very positive effect on the body. Check out my best tips for maintaining a real food kitchen.

Make good goals instead of bad ones

Frequent thinking about living on a healthy diet will only end bad habits. But if that’s easy, no one has to struggle with weight. The problem is that it stops doing something that needs to be desired.

Under ideal conditions, there is a lot of demand. We can make good decisions about a big picture if we stay calm and take care of ourselves. But while in trouble, they start to fight, to fly, or to be free. According to an article on Stanford.edu, when we work on instinct, we decide on short -term benefits and don’t focus on long -term benefits.

This is necessary. In a hunter-gatherer group, it is better to act short if there is a threat than to look at it in the long run. If there is a wolf at the entrance of the cave, for example, you want to run to save your life (think briefly) before living because you don’t want to find another cave or sleep outside. (long. -thought time).

This explains why most of us eat junk food when we are sleeping, hungry, or depressed in some other way!

Like my friend Anne Bogle of Modern Mrs. Darcy says, “You can’t just let go of a bad habit: you have to replace it with a good habit. If you want to be successful, you have to make a plan.”

So, instead of relying on the idea to “stop” eating junk food, it’s better to work on positive goals such as:

  • Add herbs to your breakfast every day
  • Cooking with only healthy fats
  • Make all your meals at home with real foods (but don’t limit them)

In this way, you are working harder than you are trying to do anything else.

Prepare yourself for success

In addition to setting good goals rather than bad ones, it is important to set yourself up for success. If you set a healthy eating goal but don’t make changes in your life, it’s hard to stick to it. If you have clothes and other unhealthy foods in the house, you need to trust the will again. And if you work late and don’t have any plans for dinner, it’s hard not to take it out.

But get ready for your new healthy diet. That’s how to pack the house with good food and plan to make healthy meals every night (Real Plans help a ton!). I only keep healthy foods in the house so there’s little room for leftovers!

The bottom line is when it comes to food

Finally, we need to stop looking at weight gain as a problem with self -control and nutrition. Health problems and poor nutrition are even more serious. Improving the quality of the food we eat and creating a place for healthy eating in our lives is the best way to finally stick to food and gain a healthy weight.

Have you tried a calorie restricted diet and fallen short? How does it relate to your own opinion?

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