Why is the Internet tired? Complain to your Supervisors

An old hat now say “you are the product” in the web industry. Often, that bon mot is used to explain why it is free to join the online business. But that doesn’t just cut the skin. After all, this notion of unseen values, which confined itself to the internet, did not begin, but with the 20th century turning our psyches into a mine. Today, we don’t have eyes set for advertisers, we are the main focus of the site’s deep libidinal benefits: the villain of the day, the hero, the love story, or the incomplete story. Sometimes we become “Bae.” Sometimes, we, West Elm Caleb. A viral tweet or a quick rise in viewership for your YouTube or Twitch channel or a serious Tok will find you opposed by thousands of people. deep put in your words and do it. What does this mean?

Over the past 20 years, we have entered a phase of capitalism that is evolving into products that redefine untruth. A global market of deception. This agora of ingenuity to discriminate against the sick of rivers that fall under the unsatisfactory burden of their loved ones ’parasocial in relation to the“ financialization of all ”is the dark promise to the heart of cryptocurrency and NFTs, to rob boxes and micro-transactions. in video games. While the global economy depends on natural resources and products, the growth of capitalism has forced the re -creation of stocks for the same reason of melting in the air.

You are not the only product. You are also the manufacturer, the factory, and the logistician. You are the source of wealth. And thy lord is many.

That’s almost 40 years old The concept of “physical activity” is broken down by the social accelerator developer, which ensures that the term is used to describe, say, the fatigue of listening to a friend’s problems when you don’t want to. , instead of being given his right. by explaining the relationship of our personal style to capital. Ironically, the system has reduced the concept to a level that we are struggling to use it to name the cause of our computer problem.

Founded in the early 1980s by politician Arlie Russell Hochschild, “mobilization” was nothing less than a revision of the Marxist concept of segregation – the idea of ​​being “segregated.” an employee from the product of their labor before it is earned. Other than that, it’s not a widget that separates the creator but its spirit. For Hochschild, mental activity is “the drive of the mind to create a visual and physical expression that is visible to the public; mental activity is purchased for a price and is therefore a transformative asset.” In a nutshell. , a service with a smile. You’re buying a concept, you’re selling your character. you are That is the product.

“The team not only demanded his physical actions,” Hochschild wrote of the pilots he trained, “but also his thoughtful actions and the way they showed the easy to smile. ” Nowadays, manufacturers sell their products with their own bodies.

The great tragedy that Hochschild knows is that one’s life is at stake when one’s thoughts are taken away by those who pay you. What she doesn’t know is how to do the truth and skepticism of living outside of the enrollment services and getting paid in a world that is more vulnerable to the internet. of gigs, where it becomes a lifeline for millions. The idea of ​​a gig, where 16 percent of Americans do it, is unacceptable; that number rises to 30 percent for Latin Americans. In gig performances, your boss doesn’t have to please; you get thousands, hundreds, or even thousands. Your “boss”. crowd.

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