Why Digital Healthcare is the important way forward

Health care is advancing beyond disease; we knew that the severity of the disease could not be sustained and that a technology -supported model of prevention needed to be changed. However, the last two years have shown how technology is helping our health care system, creating a sense of speed to accelerate its integration.

The power of digital integration and balanced access

The power of digital communication is well -known in all aspects of illness; Remote testing and virtual storage both in and out of its scope have found a guarantee to do the same things again. However, our health system has been hampered by disease and not only by the increasing demand for urgent care.

The drug was delayed. On top of this, COVID-19 reported a digital component about the level of care received by people in relation to their social status and the difference in health care received due to where thou shalt dwell in the land. Worryingly, 58% of people are unable to access critical services during a sick leave because of an unreliable network. As a company, we have a responsibility to advance the health care journey to ensure balanced access and information for everyone, while balancing costs and resources. Health care platforms have the power to help pave the way for the recovery of our health system – both the short term in the disease response and the long term in moving to a standard of care. ola. They create an environment in which care is provided in an appropriate and personalized environment to the needs of the patient, while building safety equipment. It’s important that these systems interact and work together to help people have access to clean and uncluttered information regardless of their care journey – that is, their Physician, hospital, conference, at home or in a nursing home, far or away. in the body.

Health care systems attract co -workers

The health care system has benefits – for staff and patients. Hybrid work can create integrated and motivated workers, encouraging those who have recently retired or left their job to work part -time in remote jobs. In part, hybrid solutions can help address the needs of the health care worker and support new virtual models of care that can help reduce the backlog of care. In addition, automation and management of processes through integration will alleviate the burden of operating tasks and increase productivity, while reducing service costs and CO2 emissions.

A simpler and more efficient care system that focuses on prevention and the movement of care closer to home using digital technologies, is a game changer for patients. For critical care, the digital portal can include video conferencing that can reduce the risk before treating the patient, with more conferencing to take care of. being held in the comfort of his own home. For those with long -term health conditions, a secure portal filled with healthy and well -equipped resources, virtual counseling and access to health education can help them live a healthier life.

The technology is rethinking the patient’s knowledge, while creating things that can further explain how first responders serve care, help improve patient outcomes and fulfill performance requirements. The biggest challenge we face is to make sure that everyone has access to these critical services through broadband so they can have the digital skills and tools to use them.

Cisco helps our clients through health care with their best practice, which is patient care. Discover the holistic care journey in our digital building materials.


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