Why blacks and Hispanics are left with a more severe mental illness

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At Whitman-Walker Health, Drs. David Fessler and his staff provide high -risk chronic pain therapy to HIV -positive patients and the elderly. While the cost of chronic pain is much higher, it is better to work to protect people with weak immune systems – a key idea of ​​the nonprofit’s Washington, DC, clinics.

At the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque, while Drs. Melissa Martinez runs a drive-thru office that delivers 10,000 medical bills annually to a black community and Hispanic citizens. It was open to visitors, and they all received the usual corn.

These different ways to prevent heart disease, a serious threat to young and elderly people and covid-19 in particular, show the fact that health officials did not take it. federal to a certain extent if the flu epidemic is high – in the market. since 2010 – it is the best choice for the elderly. Another reason is price. While Medicare will reimburse for both drugs, the cost of the high shot is much higher, and taking both drugs for different nations will require staffing and logistics.

“We thought about offering traditional medicine, trying to get as many people as possible,” Martinez said. And they will continue to do so, he added, until the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices decides if they want to talk about increased vaccines.

The CDC has in the past refused to select winners among competitive products by manufacturers to prevent and treat diseases. He said the three covid drugs that were prescribed after the establishment each achieved its disease -fighting goals. Over the years, most influenza medications have not been very effective. The pharmaceutical companies that are fighting for market share are not encouraged enough to compare them, because they will lose. And federal officials did not pay for those grants, so they were left to rely on research provided by organizations.

Currently, fewer patients, especially blacks, are experiencing short -term effects of the drug, say some advocates for eliminating racial differences in health care. Black people are 20% less likely than white people to have chronic kidney disease, although they have a higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease. People with corn had a 30% lower chance of getting high potency.

“Because you have a high risk of heart disease and stroke in the African American community, this population should not be given the usual high-dose treatment,” said Drs. Keith Ferdinand is a pediatrician and doctor of medicine at the University of Tulane. While the data isn’t ironclad on high -end medications, “the tools we use in our toolbox to reduce racial / ethnic differences need to be embraced,” he says.

A CDC working group is investigating the problem from pre -existing chronic kidney disease, including a number of covid receptors. Ma Feb. On the 23rd, committee members heard evidence that high -dose medication was more effective and two other “enhancing” patients – one that had an immune booster, the other a recombinant protein. – better than low -fat flour made in chicken eggs. product for the past 80 years.

The committee may appoint its next meeting, either in June, for that purpose. At a February meeting, a CDC official estimated that influenza -related hospitalizations could be reduced by thousands a year.

But a June election will be too late for the introduction of drugs before the disease season. Pharmaceuticals and health systems have already ordered the vaccine of the future, and pharmaceutical companies are now building their facilities to meet the demand, Drs. Michael Greenberg, vice president of Sanofi.

Sanofi stands to reason that the use of its high -quality grain is more affordable (some have also made a standard version). Germany, Canada, and other countries provide free grain to long -term care residents, but not the elderly. In the United States, it is estimated that 75% of batsmen arrested have an increased shot.

But the rest, those with chronic illness, are members of different races and ethnicities, according to a 2015-16 study.

Ethnic and ethnic groups have more access to doctors ’offices than medicine, and more people buy high -quality vaccines and common diseases, Drs. Salaheddin Mahmud, director of the Vaccine and Drug Evaluation Center at the University of Manitoba and lead author of the report, was sponsored by Sanofi.

In another study, which was not published and included in the data until 2018, Mahmud found that the incidence of high blood pressure was lower than in other Americans, and that the high -income medicine in communities where it is most prevalent. 20% of the population are minorities.

It’s not an easy idea to give all seniors access to enhanced photos. For one thing, the CDC’s advisory committee, ACIP, found that it was hesitant to spread one vaccine over another, fearing that doing so could lead non -workers to leave. market and consume grains.

In 2017, the advisory committee said GlaxoSmithKline’s Shingrix was shot over an old shingles patient, however, that was the committee’s only 8-7 vote despite clear evidence of the disease. high status of Shingrix, said Drs. Kelly Moore was a professor of health policy at Vanderbilt University who led the Tennessee Health Sciences program at the time. To the dismay of committee members, Merck removed the old drug, Zostavax, from the market in the U.S., and for years Shingrix was deficient.

Every February, a variety of anti -inflammatory drugs are presented to the scientific model of patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease that occur in the fall and winter. It is possible to make the best medicines without being able to prevent the disease, although each medicine can prevent some serious illness. This year’s flu medication did not work to prevent the disease.

Despite this uncertainty, health systems and health agencies have no problem purchasing high -dose or over -the -counter medicines. They are difficult to care for and treat in isolation, doctors say, and patients often receive more medication than their doctor. While Medicare will re -pay for the drug with some sort of reason, the clinics will eliminate the costs to throw them out – a much higher cost to start with, says LJ Tan , chief planning officer for Immunize.org, an organization that promotes vaccination.

For this reason, “financial community agencies will try very hard not to eradicate cannabis” or choose the simpler and easier solution, Drs. Julia Skapik, a physician in Virginia is also director of health information at the National Association of Community Health Centers.

The best comparative study shows that about 220 older people with higher levels of the disease need to be treated than conventional medicine to prevent a single case of the disease.

Because none of the medications are better for the elderly, the most important thing is to hold on to the weak by “holding on to those around them,” says Martinez, a family physician. but Albuquerque.

“At least until the ACIP is finalized,” he said, “it will be better to use our resources.”

[Correction: This article was updated at 11:15 a.m. ET on April 6, 2022, to correct the number of seniors who would need to be vaccinated with the high-dose influenza vaccine to prevent a case of the disease.]

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