Where was Killing Eve filmed? It’s 13 high points

Split up. The lightning. It hurts so much Killing Eve he returned for the fourth time. What’s the best thing about Phoebe Waller Bridge’s scintillating spy thriller? The work is perfect. It’s hard to imagine and it’s not obvious. But our favorite would be to be good examples against Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in her unfortunate assassins.

Season 4 takes us from the fertile farmlands of Kent, England to the historic mining town of Lupeni in Romania. Even though the seasons have hit Barcelona, ​​Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Bucharest… you get the idea. (The story gives Bond a ride for his money in the form of biting into amazing travel destinations). So do we dive deep into some of the best Killing Eve movie theaters you can visit IRL…

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