When is the best time to visit Europe?

Winter (also known as ‘off season’) is probably the best time to visit Europe whether you like skiing, glacier spotting, polar light show, Christmas market … or the opera. Europe in December It’s beautiful, whether you’re walking through Austria’s Bregenz forest or gazing at the snow -capped mountains of Reykjavik, swaying your toes from the comfort of your hot water.

Lots of visitors Northern Europe in December, with the intention of seizing the right light or visit the Christmas markets. This can be seen in the price – more popular places like Nuremberg and Stockholm.

Elsewhere, you’ll find winter to be safer and more affordable located in Europe. Imagine walking peacefully under the Venetian rivers in the early morning. Imagine watching the fish on the beach in Madeira.

Winter is the time for high culture in Europe. Theater lovers don’t go another time!

Sadly, there is a catch. Quiet roads and low -lying trails? it’s true. But you have to struggle with short, dark days that can be VERY cold. Some attractions are closed during the winter, so do some research before booking your trip.

travel hack:

Stick to lip balm and moisturizers. Scandinavia may be beautiful in the winter, but the boy works in the cold. Especially if you’re not used to it.

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