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Young and supple skin is popular among those who are concerned about the appearance of their skin. Non-invasive medications have become very popular. You can do a small routine during the lunch break and fully recover when you need to get home from work in one day. All you need to do is do some research on the process, research and botox clinic with the appropriate doctor to perform that procedure and then determine if it is right for your skin and your health.

What’s in Botox?

Botulinum toxin type A or Botox is a drug used for brain disease as a cosmetic procedure and to help with recovery during pain. Popular aesthetic clinics such as Body Art It is used to remove fine lines and wrinkles and to control recurrence and dentists have used it to relax the neck muscles of patients brushing their teeth. or the feet are bound to trouble, but what is in them?

Clostridium Botulinum is a fruit that stimulates the brain in the neuromuscular group. It prevents acetylcholine from being released into the muscles to trigger inflammatory bowel disease where it is bound. This is the main compound used in Botox. There are other methods of applying botox on the eye area that are not really related to removing wrinkles, but can help the patient to have a beautiful appearance.

Good Lines VS Botox

Our skin loses collagen as we age and births are much delayed after the age of 25. Young children up to the age of 7 make collagen every day, teenagers start to show less activity after adolescence and start their menstrual cycle and women start. lose their ability to function from their 20s. After menopause, less collagen is left in the deep lines around the face, nose, mouth and forehead. In some cases and due to the high spread of UV radiation, those lines can become widespread in the neck and neck area. Medications can be used to try and slow down the aging process of wrinkle-prone areas on the eye, but they can mimic the effects of Botox and not have the same effect. Hyaluronic acid is the closest treatment that can be used on the skin to act as a filler for fine lines or areas of the eye that have lost their tone due to old age or severe weight gain, but not the product to medicine. from the Dermatologist it will take a long time for you to see the results where you will start to see the effects of Botox after 7 to 10 days.


Botox is measured on the pieces and given into the flesh by injection into the skin. Numbing oil can be used in critically ill patients, but in most cases, it is a quick procedure and does not require numbing because it is minimal and has no problems. Unlike the standard feature where the cost is usually the same as the procedure, each area is treated with a number of pieces that can vary the cost of treatment depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. each place. Inks near the hairline are often used to lift the forehead and forehead, on the forehead area to maintain the fine lines started by the neck, and in temples to maintain the legs of the strap around the nose and mouth to keep the smile lines. The amount of money can start from 10 to 30 pieces per head and last for 3-4 months on average. The earlier you start to make the drugs last longer as they can last, but you need to be careful not to act too quickly. If Botox is done too much, it can cause the skin to become thinner on the forehead and can eventually cause permanent brain damage.

For women with thin lips who are not ready to make fillers now, Botox can be used to care for the lip area, giving a lift to create a fuller and more natural look. Injections are given to the upper lip with visible results within 10 days.

Training the sweat and the stomach

Hyperhidrosis or high fever is common in people. There is no specific body type that can be applied to men and women of all sizes who have this. The most affected areas are the hands, feet and underarms and in some cases, the eye can be treated. New skin is protected from rejuvenation when the nerves are treated with Botox. Unlike the eye, it can be kept for up to a year and a half, but it is not a hardy drug so it needs to be re -treated.

In treating a weak stomach, it is used to stop incontinence. This is the last resort for people with neurological disorders where the stomach is affected and cannot be treated with exercises that strengthen the walls of the stomach. The procedure is painful when the procedure is performed and there is no need for real pain but in a few cases, there may be pain in the urine immediately after the procedure, blood in the urine, UTIs or urinary incontinence. Stomach ache. This does not take long to return to normal before botox was used to treat the problem, but if the side effects last longer than previously reported, you should tell your doctor immediately. Click here www.bhandaldentistry.co.uk for more information.

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