What if everyone was still going for a year?

Nowadays, there seem to be thousands of easy ways for us to create a routine. We can easily weave things like separating our plastic waste from our organic waste, drinking a reusable bottle of water, not printing our travel map, or having Adidas ocean plastic shoes are integral to our daily lives. Or we could go further by driving an electric car, developing our own product, or using our home for renewable energy. The options are not endless, and every day, more and more people are making their own vows to minimize their personal impact.

But in the process, it is often felt that there is no choice but to continue. Surprisingly, 32% of travelers who took part in a Booking.com survey said they don’t travel any longer due to a lack of knowledge and understanding about how and how to do it. so!

Reducing your carbon footprint when traveling for business or pleasure is not difficult. We had our Head of ESG at TravelPerk, James Dent, who showed us just how much of an impact a few small changes can have on our travel to the environment. Here is what we learned:

189,120 tons of CO2e would be saved if we all took trains instead of flights from London to Paris for one year.

You need a forest like New York to emit the same amount of CO2e.
high speed train

Yes, you read that right. New york. Think of it this way. For every car in flight, 92kg of CO2e is emitted. There are an average of 2 million cars between London and Paris each year. About 200,000 tons of CO2e each year.

If these passengers could take the Eurostar train instead of the plane, they would save 189,120 tonnes of CO2e. You need an 860 km ^ 2 forest to remove that much CO2e from the air. And yes, it’s a piece like the size of The Big Apple. The trains, without a doubt, have a better environment.

Here is a table with a quick explanation of how much forest would be needed to remove the amount of carbon released if these drivers did not take the train.

1 day 1 month 1 year
Tons of CO2e burn 518 CO2e 1,689 CO2e 189,120 CO2e
km ^ 2 of forest required
remove that amount of CO2e from the air
2 72 860
The size of the city is similar Monaco About Zurich new york

A total of 3,069,504 tons of CO2e would be saved if all flights from London to New York were on continuous fuel for one year.

That’s equivalent to 7,105,333 barrels of oil.

Do two! If all the flights from London to New York flew on oil-gas continuously for one year, we would keep the equivalent of 7 million barrels of oil.

For comparison, 4 million barrels of oil were spilled during the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill in 2010. When aircraft are replaced and change to fuel use continues full -time, they can save almost double. in just one year.

If you haven’t planned your green trip with a focus now, firewood is a great way to continue to improve the travel industry. They have a smaller carbon footprint than conventional air fuels because they are made with biofuels that are resistant to cleaning oils.

Movements are being made through the air travel area to make this move. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the SAF can reduce emissions by up to 80% over its lifetime. About 14 billion liters of SAF were in the initial sales agreements, indicating that the aircraft are currently carrying a lot.

So, if we can store over 7 million barrels of oil on the fly with sustainable fuel for one year – how much will we save in a day or a month? See table below.

1 day 1 month 1 year
Tons of CO2e burn 8410 CO2e 255,792 CO2e 3,069,504 CO2e
The same # of oil barrels
be healed
19,467 592,111 7,105,333

1,136,250 tonnes of CO2e would be saved if all hotels in the US used 100% renewable energy for one year.

That would consume 504,475 tons of coal, or the combined weight of about 3,000 houses.
The front of the hotel rooms

There are about 47,000 hotels in the United States today, each with an average of 200 rooms. It relies heavily on electricity and natural gas to power things like air, light, and water heating; Hotels are major consumers of energy.

If every hotel in the United States switched to using 100% renewable energy, even for one day, energy conservation would be amazing:

1 day 1 month 1 year
Tons of CO2e burn 3,113 CO2e 94,688 CO2e 1,136,250 CO2e
Toni coal like
to be abolished
1,382 42,040 504,475

The hospitality industry is making progress in reducing its carbon footprint, with global chains such as the Iberostar Group announcing their Wave of Change initiative or the implementation of Marriott’s Serve360. However, there is a long way to go, with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance saying the industry needs to cut carbon emissions by 66% per room by 2030 to avoid emissions.

Converting to renewable energy is one of the best ways for the hotel industry to reach its net-zero goals. More and more energy -intensive businesses and startups around the world will find it easier to access clean energy as the 2030 agenda draws near.

So, the next time you book a hotel stay, why not take a look at their accommodation policies and book a better option?

507,900 tonnes of CO2e would be saved if all car sales in the EU were electric for one year.

The CO2e emissions are similar to all car emissions in an area with a population of 450,000 for one year. That’s the size of Miami (much smaller than we thought!).
EV charger

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about electric cars, with companies like Tesla leading this conversation. Other major car companies such as BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, and others are also offering electric cars to their customers. With more than 280,000 EV charging stations across the European Union, the country appears to be preparing for an electric car revolution.

There are about 50 million rental cars in the EU each year, with that number projected to rise to almost 64 million by 2025. So, considering, what is the impact on inflation? environment if all cars rent a day, month, or year of electricity?

1 day 1 month 1 year
Tons of CO2e burn 1392 CO2e 42,325 CO2e 507,900 CO2e
The population is large 1222 37,000 450,000
City bus exits are the same Vatican City Monaco Bratislava

Electric vehicles are the means of transportation that will greatly benefit our environment. Without a tailpipe, electric vehicles (or EVs, as they are often said) will not emit all the gases, reducing air pollution in cities. What’s more, most electric vehicles rely on renewable energy to power the EV, making the entire process from charging to driving more stable.

How TravelPerk can help you travel sustainably

At TravelPerk, we are committed to helping businesses learn about sustainable travel and deliver sustainable travel results. From providing the largest car catalog on the market to allowing users to rent electric cars, providing a cost -effective carbon reduction solution, and building an open API to help companies understand the they carbon footprint and do jobs – we’re constantly building new ways to improve travel. firm.

We know there is a long way to go, but hopefully, some of our tools can help you get started. We’re encouraging the thousands of companies that come with us to understand how they can work consistently, and we’re working tirelessly to deliver the most lasting result so far. day.

Travel is a long way to go, but every step on the right path counts. We’ve prepared this piece to show you the truth of every little choice we make on the journey that can have an impact – and your decisions are counted.

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