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If an old man is knocking on your door and you are wondering how to take care of your brain, you are at work.

Because research has shown that the brain is old necessary on the young brain, and many are amazed at this knowledge (and perhaps you are).

However, bad brain changes are a part of aging, and by the time you finish this, you will know exactly what happened when you locked your car door while firing. key.

If you exercise, eat healthily, get a good education, and don’t consume alcohol, the brain we’re talking about changes to keep you (for a long time). But they are coming, and you need to be ready for that.

So here are some advantages and disadvantages of aging in relation to brain function.

1. Your episodic and semantic memories are declining

Lack of memory is the main reason people choose old houses as such Kew Gardens annual museumwith things like aging in place and brain training programs.

You have four types of memory – semantic, episodic, procedural, and functional. And these are two things that become more common with the passing of the year, as the memory of the process and the process diminishes.

Episodic memory

Episodic memory (as the name implies) is the ability to recall a place Piece. For example, when you explain your golf argument to your partner, you are creating episodic memory. Episodic memory decline begins after middle age, no, it’s not dementia. So don’t worry if you can’t remember an event – give it some time and it will come back to you.

Word memory

Semantic memory is the ability to remember words and concepts, and it is important for communication. For example, finding a thousand meters per kilometer. It is understood that the President is the highest office in the country.

And unlike episodic memory, you can get very upset when you start to lose semantic memory because it becomes harder to communicate.

Finally, some studies have shown a decrease in working memory. This is described as taking it out while doing something. Speaking up about your actions is a great way to address this. For example, when you are driving on XYZ Street, speak out loud. I’m running on XYZ street.

2. The master of your brain begins to change.

There is a cause of those memory problems. Your brain cells will start to die and its weight will decrease by about 5% every 10 years after you hit 40, according to research. When you turn 70, this process is quick.

Physically, this is presented as a groovy brain. Your brain has natural nerve endings (called sulci) and when the cells start to die, these things are deep. And the symptoms of this fall depend on the part of the brain where most cells die, which is the prefrontal cortex in most people.

The frontal cortex is right behind your forehead – it is the first part of the brain that is hit by a bullet when someone is fired at the forehead. This place is responsible for managing our privacy and high performance activities as well as planning for the future, mind you. in due courseacting appropriately in social situations, and focusing on your imagination.

So, if you find it hard to do any of these things, you will find that cell death in the prefrontal cortex is at play. Interestingly, people with diseases of the prefrontal cortex may show severe disinhibition, such as laughing at a funeral or undressing in public. Fortunately, aging has no significant effect on the prefrontal cortex!

The brain is more susceptible to injury because it has more room to move through the skull. Blood vessels can rupture as a result of this, triggering stroke. But you don’t have to worry too much about this, unless you’re 90 and you’re shaking your head for some reason.

The chemistry of your brain also changes with age. Decreases in Dopamine (happiness or addiction neurotransmitter) and serotonin begin. And a decrease in dopamine is associated with decreased cognitive function and motor function.

3. The good things about the old brain

As with all things, aging has a positive side to brain function. As the cells begin to die, other parts of the brain expand by increasing their activitywhich benefits the elderly in some respects (rather than the proud young).

Combine this increased energy (due to reduced hormones), and you have a well -established personality in problem solving and thinking. Older people are more likely to express themselves, and part of the reason for this is the large number of words they have collected in life.

Finally, math and good thinking and fun are some of the other areas where older people beat younger ones. The old man isn’t that bad, is he?

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