What are the 5 best options at TravelPerk in 2022?

In recent years the importance of the travel program has become increasingly apparent. Thanks to strong AI, it has never been easier to follow group trips, keep changing travel rules and make quick and painless changes to trips, between financial needs and care. heart.

As with any service, there are many external providers. But at TravelPerk, we try to offer the most complete corporate travel system on the market. We continue to maintain our list of partners and affiliates, providing software solutions for everything from VAT refunds to crisis management.

“We handle the toughest travel packages, and TravelPerk is always happy to get in and put in the grunt work. Their offices are full of very talented staff.”

Mandi R.

We have designed our site to address all the problems of business travelers. We want to help employees and organizations get the most out of their corporate travel, from providing the most affordable prices possible to ensuring compliance with travel policies.

If you have any problems as you travel on the road, TravelPerk’s team of customer service providers is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We pride ourselves on our fast response time, with our teams on hand to handle inquiries in just 15 seconds.

“Customer service responded quickly when I was on the ground in Belgium by canceling the flight. Very pleased with Travelperk!”

Karina R.

We want our team trip to have the best experience in using our service. If you have any ideas about how we can improve and enhance your business trip, please call our team and get to know us.

Now, we’re going to share the TravelPerk competitors in 2022 and show why we have the best travel business around! So let’s dive in.

What are the 5 TravelPerk best options in 2022?


Part of the Expedia company, Egencia provides support for nearly 2 million business trips worldwide. Egencia can help organizations with corporate travel, financial reporting, and traveler safety based on its features.

The great gifts of Egencia:

  • Egencia provides an online registration tool with a database pulled from the Expedia company’s popular brands.
  • Users can organize sections for different sections of the group travelers and create different workflows for high altitudes.
  • Egencia’s travel crisis charts are an interactive map that shows the challenges that can affect traveling travelers.

What users should notice when checking out our travel service to Egencia:

  • Egencia users said the service was difficult to get started, with a well -organized one week.
  • The mobile app that supports Egencia travelers on the road has received negative reviews with numerous reports of routine activity.
  • The price for Egencia’s services is tough, with the costs incurred for starting services and account administration on top of the usual monthly subscription fees.
  • TravelPerk’s travelers feel it has a much larger list and more customer support.

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Kaahele BCD

BCD Travel has already built its reputation as a traditional travel travel company. Today, they have offices in 109 countries around the world and are pivoted to provide a travel agency and computer systems to assist group trips.

BCD Travel great gifts:

  • BCD Travel provides support for corporate travel through a variety of agents and online providers.
  • To support small and medium -sized businesses, users can choose from three sites based on their organization’s needs.
  • BCD Travel uses APIs from a small number of partners to separate costs and streamline travel.

What users should notice when checking out our travel services at BCD Travel:

  • BCD Travel’s convoluted registration model is what makes it easy to register for TravelPerk’s wide range of travel services.
  • Users want the customer service provided by TravelPerk.
  • According to the companies, there are fewer termination policies in arrangements made through BCD Travel than those available through others such as TravelPerk’s flexible accommodation solution, FlexiPerk.
  • While they offer a wide range of services, business travelers say it is hard and difficult to use BCD Travel systems.

SAP Concur

One of the oldest travel management systems on the market, SAP Concur has provided a wide range of travel and finance features since 1993. Designed for medium and large companies, their services are available in a variety of languages. Other than seven.

SAP Concur’s main offerings:

  • Concur Travel allows travelers to book their own tours, hotels, and transports in one web application.
  • Users of this navigation solution can track their data in an integrated dashboard regardless of where the settings are stored.
  • SAP Concur uses machine learning to help financial institutions evaluate their employee travel costs.

What users should tell when they view our travel service in SAP Concur:

  • While SAP Concur has a long history, users say it is old and difficult to use.
  • SAP Concur users are often aware of the difficulty of accessing customer service organizations, and are given little or no responsibility when problems arise.
  • TravelPerk’s database is the largest in the world. SAP Concur, on the other hand, lacks options, especially for land transport.
  • The companies say it takes months to negotiate with SAP Concur. TravelPerk, on the other hand, can be downloaded quickly, with most deals completed and running in less than a week. In addition, unlike SAP Concur, TravelPerk does not charge fees for implementation or account management.

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TripActions in the US provides business travelers with solutions to common problems, including navigating travel policies and managing expenses through an easy -to -use guide and applications. phone.

TripActions great gifts:

  • TripActions offers a large but not exhaustive list of group travel options.
  • Users can use the TripActions mobile app on Android and iOS to access the services on the go.
  • TripActions ’AI-powered solutions provide great insight into travel finances, including automation to avoid policy payments.

What users should notice when looking at our travel agency at TripActions:

  • While TripActions has a large list of travel products, they do not have the coverage or coverage of TravelPerk, including options for low -cost carriers, trains, and Airbnb.
  • Users said they liked TravelPerk’s travel payment system. With TripActions, companies are required to take a subscription and can incur additional fees on some types of trips.
  • Customers said more and more TravelPerk integrations make it easier to integrate travel solutions with HR and financial management software.
  • Customer service is a major factor in the comparison, with TripActions having limited in -house options compared to TravelPerk’s team of dedicated human support agents.

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Travel Bank

TravelBank provides corporate travelers with a variety of online tools that make it easy to book and transfer their business trips through its registration service. Offering access to business costs for accommodation and transportation, companies can sign up for TravelBank on each user.

TravelBank’s great gifts:

  • TravelBank offers a comprehensive travel booking dashboard where corporate travelers can book hotels, flights, and ground transportation with different permits.
  • Their credit card solutions are intended to simplify invoicing and repayment and can be combined with a small number of credit cards and financial accounting programs.
  • With TravelBank, users can create their own credit card to track lost expenses.

What users should report when reviewing our travel service at TravelBank:

  • TravelBank users reported that it was more difficult to reach customer service, with response times being longer than they had experienced with TravelPerk.
  • The price tag for TravelBank leaves companies paying for the subscription each month whether they use the service or not.
  • TravelBank is not responsible for security features, while TravelPerk provides comprehensive solutions, including real -time reporting to help authorities determine information and keep business travelers engaged on their trip.
  • TravelBank systems make it much easier to process different permits.

At TravelPerk, we are constantly working to remove the scars of corporate travel. We have designed our solution to provide full support to our users from the menu to the financial management and safety of travelers. We strive to provide 7 *customer service, and always have our team of consultants to help with any problems or questions. If you like us, please let us know. We are there for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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