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Summer evenings can be a nightmare at times. Mosquitoes, bites, ticks – how do you tell the rubbish that has bitten you? How do you know the best medicine? A how do you get a sack from a man?

Here are five common baby bites and what to do if you have been bitten:

  1. Nahu namu

Mostly in the summer, what is impossible, pounding nahu namu It is usually the cause of the inflammatory effect which is manifested by various red circles.

It can result in the presence of a small white pimple surrounded by redness. The bites of mosquitoes vary in strength and can last for several days.

Naked skin is one of the most common types of mosquitoes, one of which is to cover your hands and feet. To protect yourself, you should use repellent products that contain medicinal properties, such as citronella.

To relieve pain, avoid too little as it can increase the pain. Medications can contain products that reduce biting.

  1. Nahu spider

Few in the UK, quick bite can produce different effects depending on the person involved. Usually, they cause swelling of the skin, redness and itching.

The bites are not the same; they depend on the nature of the spider, the poison, and our defense. The usual result is two adjacent red dots, often surrounded by a white border. A spider can bite sometimes.

To soothe them, it is necessary to first clean the bite and then apply an anti-inflammatory oil to soothe the pain. However, be wary of medical consequences.

  1. Bite wood

The neck is not normal as they remain in your epidermis after it has bitten you. If you notice any other dark spots on your skin, you should use tick removal to remove unwanted skin. Then you need to disinfect the bite with an antiseptic.

Watch out; if the skin is not removed properly, part of the body can be left under your skin, a red spot that can be seen around the affected area. To prevent any disease, then it is necessary to go to the doctor to get rid of the tick.

Because it is common to get bites when walking in the countryside or in the woods, you need to choose long -sleeved clothes and not prevent bites. Take a good look at your body (and your dog!) After each visit to look for unwanted blackheads.

  1. Nani nalo

The great pain caused by the poisonous plant that was taken in, the loss or loss of honey was the cause of the redness and swelling of the skin. A red dot can be seen where the ink is stuck to her nipple.

It is necessary to remove the stinger from the wound and then clean the stinger with an antiseptic. Then the cream can be applied to soothe the pain.

Watch out; disease consequences can be severe. In such cases or when biting important parts of the body (neck, mouth, nose, eyes, etc.), you may need to consult a doctor or nurse. head straight to A and E.

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