We’re in for the ‘off season’: why this winter is the best time to explore Europe

Planning a European trip? With fewer queues, off-peak prices and the chance to see Amsterdam’s beautiful canals while it’s snowing, this winter is the ‘best time of the year’ to do it.

And with Contiki’s 2022 prices in the freezer (like your Xmas nut roast), it’s the best time of year to get the books. That’s right – you can complete your 2023 travel goal with 2022 prices.

So you’re all for a surprise, but a surprise where to wander? Say no more, that’s it Wandering Europe – you are a great wanderer!

On this trip, you’ll visit 11 countries in 24 days with fellow 18-35s – BUT your new best friends. London, Paris, Barca, Berlin and everyone’s favorite… Rome.

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