Watch China’s 13 Shenzhou aircraft return to Earth tonight

China’s first cruise ship to record a six -month record on the country’s new space station will return to Earth tonight so you can watch it live online.

The three members of the Shenzhou 13 China tour will land at Tiangong Airport tonight (April 15) in a four -hour window that opens at 8 pm EDT (0000 April 16 GMT) with a landing at believed to be near Dongfeng in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. You can watch the video in the window above, courtesy of China’s CCTV news industry.

Returning home on Shenzhou 13 was missionary Zhai Zhigang and colleagues Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu. Shenzhou 13 was released from the site last night at 8:44 pm EDT (0044 April 15 GMT), according to the latest from the China Manned Space Engineering branch of the China National Space Administration.

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China’s Shenzhou 13 gives signs as they prepare to return to Earth from Tiangong Tianhe core station module in April 2022. They (from left): Wang Yaping; chief also Zhai Zhigang; and Ye Guangfu. (Image: CMSE)

Zhai and Wang were pilots, while Ye was on his first flight. The three were released in the main module of the Tiangong campus, called Tianhe, in October. 15 and 167 days in the air at the end of their flight.

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