Want to travel responsibly? Here’s how…

Scar from the Lion King has a point. It is not about the legitimacy of a hyena military dictatorship per se, but about the importance of preparation. And this is the case when it comes to responsible travel, especially if you are in the media. So, what’s your bag? Here are some tips for more sustainable preparation:

  • No single use! Pack reusable items, like your own water bottle (with a water filter depending on where you’re going), and things like shopping bags/bags and scissors if you to camp.
  • Book of lights! (If the aircraft is heavier it emits more greenhouse gases).
  • Bring toiletries in reusable bottles (and think about bar soaps/shampoo instead of other packaged items).
  • Learn the local customs and traditions before you go! (Make sure you have the right clothes for the sanctuaries and temples. Responsible travel isn’t just about carbon; it’s also about respect).

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