Vytalize Health’s investment start -up is $ 50M

This morning, fundraiser Vytalize Health announced a $ 50 million Series B loan. The new infusion of capital was led by Enhanced Healthcare Partners with the participation of Kittyhawk Ventures, Kawn Ventures, NorthCoast Ventures and other investors.

This new funding round will bring the company’s total revenue to about $ 70 million.


Founded in 2014, Vytalize Health began as a Medicare care provider. Today, the company uses technology to help suppliers deliver value -added programs.

“Vytalize Health is a health care program aimed at the elderly. We partner with small and large primary care initiatives and help them transform health care,” said Faris Ghawi, CEO of Vytalize Health. MobiHealthNews. “Our goal is to focus heavily on strengthening the relationship between primary care physicians and their patients, and achieving that foundation of sustainable financial care.”

The industry does this in several ways. The first is the company can provide physicians with information about their illnesses, activities, finances and enrollment. The company also provides an organization that deals with the problem with an “independent model.”

Vytalize Health offers its customers an in -home fitness clinic that works with practices to help drive high -density populations.

Wand a unique training model to help [clients] extend the time in their high population, whether doctors or department officials, office staff, intensify the whole process to focus on older patients and provide they have a great look and care between the rooms. said Ghawi.

Currently, the company operates in 16 states and treats 130,000 Medicare patients. In 2021, Vytalize Health has raised a MedPilot medical fundraiser.

We are a strong believer in financial stewardship in the sense that we believe it is the model through which physicians and others in the industry can do what is right for the patient. If you compare motivators with goals, then everything falls into place. “

Ghawi said innovations in technology and information have made it easier to implement financial management systems.


The company plans to use its new capital for growth.

“We raised $ 50 million in Series B, a [we’re] We are using this money to build the company, expand new markets and start integration rather than previous maintenance practices, ”Ghawi said.


Vytalize Health isn’t the only healthcare organization looking to transform parental care in the future. In September, the hybrid provider One drug sold to Medicare -backed Iora Health technology for $ 1.4 million. Having a Physician allows for relationships established with Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare programs and Medicare Direct Contracting.

The launch of Medicare Advantage Devoted Health has received about $ 1.15 billion in Series D funding in 2021 to support its expansion across the country. In addition, EasyHealth, a Medicare -affiliated health technology company, received $ 135 million in credit and equity funding in November.

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