Virgin Voyages concludes the launch of the Resilient Lady

Virgin Voyages, the name widely vowed to change the cruise industry, has delayed the launch of its third cruise ship, the Resilient Lady.

The ship started in August, sailing to Piraeus (for Athens) in Greece in the summer, and San Juan, Puerto Rico in the winter.

However, the company postponed its release until May 2023.

Customers who book a cruise are promised a refund of up to 200% interest for a future cruise, plus some expenses.

In a Q&A for “sailors,” even though Virgin cruises are called, the company blamed the current cruise riots that are raging in the cruise industry, including the termination of the aviation industry.

“There are some global problems related to travel and the cruise industry, including problems with the supply chain, sailors sailing and a lack of knowledge of the country,” he said.

“Every decision we make is guided by our commitment to creating a safe and comfortable environment for Crew and Sailors, and we don’t want to put ourselves in a position to do that. it would be up to us to either compromise our Sailor experience or the Crew’s well -being.

“The problems we’re facing aren’t just for Virgin Voyages; they’re affecting our business and travel as a whole.”

There are many options for travelers with books. They can get a full refund within seven days, or get a 200% credit for an upcoming cruise with Virgin Voyages within the next 12 months.

If they take out a loan and re -book for 2022, they will get a new free flight on a Virgin Voyages ship.

The company offers returns of up to $ 500 per vehicle to cover cancellation penalties or canceled flights.

In a statement, Virgin Voyages said the Resilient Lady will be staying at the shipyard in Genoa, which is completing its construction.

Its two ships, the Scarlet Lady and the Valiant Lady, are regularly in service in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Both were released during illness.

CEO Tom McAlpin said: “As a new brand that is just starting out, we have accomplished a lot this past year, and the future is exciting for us.

“That’s why we continue to offer quality resilience, and this resilience will ensure that we are ready to go to Resilient.

“The travel industry is doing well, and this month we have seen registration fees, a huge increase in rents on board, and we are now looking to replace what we can afford. coming, setting us up for continued growth… “

The fourth ship, the Brilliant Lady, is also set to join the company in 2023.

Main photo: Scarlet Lady (Matias J. Ocner / Miami Herald / Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

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