Vietnamese healthcare startup Med247 has $ 4.5M in Series A funding

Med247, a healthcare technology startup in Vietnam, has raised $ 4.5 million in an oversubscribed Series A loan led by Altara Ventures.

The circle was also drawn with the participation of Pavilion Capital, MiRXES, and angel investors East Ventures and Venturra Ventures.


Launched in 2019 with funding from KK Fund’s corporate investment program, Med247 operates under an offline-to-online model. It provides a telehealth phone app where users can record clinical choices, make remote phone calls with physicians, request electronic medical records, and order medications and tests for taking.

The app also features a screening tool powered by PPG and AI technology to capture users ’critical signals via a smartphone.

On the plus side, it launches a network of convenience store -type family offices that provide specialized health care and technical support.


According to a LinkedIn announcement, his new money will be used to build more family offices, increasing his number to over 70 from just four by the end of the year. He plans to set up a training school for doctors and nurses and accelerate R&D activities.

Why it is

Med247 is expected to be a one-stop shop for primary care and preventive care, pharmaceuticals, medical services, and telemedicine, according to CEO and co-founder Tuan Truong.

“From day one, our mission is to re -create the healthcare model and increase health access for terminally ill patients and family care in Vietnam,” said Med247 COO and founder Of Thao Nguyen.

In Vietnam, there are about nine doctors for every 10,000 patients, which is close to the World Health Organization standard but far from 36: 10,000 doctors in the disease ratio reported by the Organization for Economic Co- operation and Development.


At the beginning of the month, his teammate is Vietnamese Jio Health, which operates an online and offline healthcare platform, has received $ 20 million in a Series B fundraiser, the proceeds of which will be donated to its local expansion and world, and the integration of technical offices across Vietnam.

There is a local startup, the online drug Medigo $ 1 million in investment in September was used to introduce additional offerings, including telemedicine.

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