Video games keep my son from being intimidated

Luke has fast muscles and a fast lightning fast time. That is why he is good at dyeing kwon do, playing music, and playing games. He became a good catch in baseball, where he had the opportunity in the summer after sixth grade to sign his fourth -grade scorer on the home plate. A hallmark of ADHD is hyper-focus. Luke can play Lego Star Wars a Super Pepa Mario for hours on end, his hands never left the distance, his mind fixed on the shield.

Luke with Josh and Justin of Novelline, developers of Head.Photo: Linda Cutting

Eventually, Luke started playing with strangers online. That worried me. We had hoped he would make more IRL friends, but his comedian followed him like a dark shadow. I read that cyberbullying is real and can be as devastating as human intimidation. A 2017 article from the BBC says to a 16 -year -old athlete: “If you go to school every day and you’re threatened at school, you want to go back to your computer to escape,” his place. “So if you’re being abused too much, it’ll stop you from doing something social – for a lot of people I know, me too.”

As far as I’m concerned, Luke’s online gaming knowledge is what set him apart in his IRL meetings. Luke meets people he never thought possible, and his online world has grown. My husband Keith said: “IRL partners may be somewhere. That was the case with Luke in high school, where it was hard to escape his fame. But on the web you can build your own worlds and fill them with friends from all over. Being able to let go of ‘local’ bullying seems to be an important part of online bullying. Even if they are cyber threats, you can always avoid them and start over with a clean slate. “

While he was on the site, we heard Luke laughing a lot, swearing a lot (as was the case with the players), and he was just happy. So we let him play. We flew around for almost all of his homework hours.

“In online gaming venues, I think 100 percent is entertained,” Luke said. “You’re playing an online game with someone, no one cares about you. They don’t care about your race, if you’re tall, if you’re red. The only thing they care about is you. how good you are at playing the game, and only in competitive games, for team games Honua Adrift (which I played with my friend Aaron, a very sad one that was cut off), GTFO, Result 2, Talk VR, and Dungeons and Dragons, people go out of their way to entertain and try to introduce people in the community. When you meet people online, you play the game. But there is another part of the game where you talk about it online. There are some people I invite to meet with me, and then there are others mine friends, my closest friends.

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