Vermont ski resort changes name to ‘insensitive’

(CNN) – A popular Vermont ski hotel called Suicide Six has announced that it will change its name to “insensitive” in the coming weeks.

“Our hospitality team is committed to raising awareness about mental health and sharing growing concerns about the insensitive nature of the name. The comments expressed by the the word ‘suicide’ can have a profound impact on many people in our community, ”the memo read.

The post continued: “It’s important to have a better name and celebration in order to be a loving and strong member of this community. More importantly, it needs to continue its economic history. of integration and capability. “

The ski and snow lodge is located in the Vermont town of Pomfret, about 50 miles (80 km) south of the state capital, Montpelier.

This area north of Woodstock, Vermont, became the first major ski area in the United States. The U.S. Skiing Hall of Fame honore Wallace “Bunny” Bertram an old rope system on the mountain there, a new thing that has been said by many former ski lifters.

Bertram, who died in 1981, dubbed the place “Suicide Six,” which he thought was better than the current title “Hill 6.”

The resort is also a member of Ski Vermont’s Fairness, Equity and Diversity initiative. Forty -eight of the state’s ski hotels have signed an open letter supporting the Black Lives Matter move by 2020.

Ski and outdoor areas in North America are rethinking their name in recent years.

Last year, California’s Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows resort, which hosted snow events at the 1960 Winter Olympics, decided to change its name to the Palisades Tahoe.

“While we love our local history and memories, we all belong to this place as it has been called for a long time, we are standing on great evidence that the word is considered‘ squaw ‘is bad,” said Ron Cohen, the hotel’s president. and COO, it was said at the time, adding that the property owner had also worked with the local Washoe family on the name change program.

Now, in Canada, a collection of mountain cabins in Jasper National Park has chosen to change its moniker from Pocahontas Cabins to Miette Mountain Cabins after speaking with First Nations communities in the area.

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