Vegan foods can be combined for dogs with better health, and less harm, than eating meat.

Vegan foods can be combined for dogs with better health, and less harm, than eating meat.

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A research study of more than 2,500 dog breeders looked for links between dog food and health effects, showing that healthy vegan foods are better and more effective. worse than regular or raw foods. Andrew Knight of the University of Winchester, UK, and colleagues share this information in an open-access journal. PLOS SOMEONE on April 13, 2022.

Many factors can persuade dog owners to choose healthy foods for their diets, including concerns about the environment, caring for animals used as food, and health. of their cattle. However, research on the health effects of regular and non -regular dog food has been limited.

To help explain the health effects of different dog foods, Knight and colleagues analyzed research data from breeders of 2,536 dogs fed raw, raw meat. , or vegan food. The study included questions about the health of the dogs, including the number of animal visits, the use of medications, and the health risks of the dog.

Statistical data from research shows that dogs are better at eating regular foods than dogs on raw meat or vegan foods. Dogs are better at raw meat foods than vegan foods. However, researchers have found that there are a number of reasons why raw meat foods are healthier. For some, the study found that dogs were less likely to eat raw meat than dogs on vegan foods, which could help explain the reason for their poor health. In addition, dogs cannot be taken to a veterinarian for raw meat; Although this is a sign of better health, previous research has shown that dog handlers are less likely to eat raw meat to seek out animal advice.

Further research is needed to determine if raw meat or vegan food is associated with better dog health outcomes. The researchers considered large, cross-sectional, and longitudinal studies of dogs, kept on different diets, using data such as the results of clinical clinical trials and clinical history. treatment, can provide results of greater confidence. However, previous research on raw meat foods has contributed to an increase in pathogens and nutritional deficiencies. Based on new findings and previous findings, researchers say that vegan food is better and healthier for dogs.

The authors add: “We believe our study of 2,536 dogs is the largest published study to date, investigating the health effects of dogs fed the diet. vegan and meat. Medical reviews for health. Hot food choices and the least harmful to dogs have been shown to be the best vegan foods. ”

Many pork eaters prefer to have vegan animals, research has found

More information:
Vegan and meat -based dog food: health symptoms reported by nurses, PLoS ANYTHING (2022). DOI: 10.1371 / journal.pone.0265662

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