Urgent action is needed to prevent the world’s corpses from disappearing within three years, experts say.

Urgent action is needed to prevent the world's corals from disappearing within three years, experts say.

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A global group of environmental scientists has published important recommendations for protecting, protecting and educating the world’s coral reefs – the “canaries in the coal mine” of climate change.

The Vibrant Oceans Initiative presented their white paper on the future of affordable and affordable housing at the Our Oceans Conference held in Palau on Friday.

Based on expertise from universities and wildlife conservation organizations from around the world, including the University of Leicester, the group offers six key concepts that are intended to promote the “sustainability and survival” of wildlife. .

Predictions show that marine ecosystems around the world – the key to marine species and a source of food, life, and cultural heritage for half a billion people – could be reduced to production. by 2050 if the goals of the Paris agreement. Did not meet.

Even with significant reductions in emissions to ensure that global warming is kept within 1.5 ° C above industrial levels, 90% of the world’s carbon could be lost. over the next three years, leaving behind a kind of class in which most of his work would be lost. .

Jens Zinke is a Professor of Palaeobiology at the University of Leicester, whose research looks at major habitats to look at how the environment and climate have changed over the past three centuries to the present day. Speaking about the show, co -author, Professor Zinke said, “The corals are the‘ canaries in the coal pit ’when it comes to looking at the ecosystems below. the importance of warming the ocean due to climate change is that the ocean temperature is higher than the alarming threshold and it teaches us when we need to act.

Urgent action is needed to prevent the world's corals from disappearing within three years, experts say.

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“Our research has shown that corals have been severely affected by ocean warming over the past three to four years, however, some neck areas show very low levels of global warming. or benefit from lower standards based on local marine knowledge.

“Some classes are more able to resist and recover from heat stress than others, and these classes are more likely to become saints under the heat when it comes to stress. “It’s a big research project – find those places and save them before they pass away.”

In 2018, the Vibrant Oceans team saw 50 oceans resist and survive climate change. It has most of the habitats in the Pacific Ocean and India, with more roots in the Caribbean and eastern Africa.

Previously, over 50 classes were selected in areas that have survived climate change. Now, scientists are calling for a much larger group of nerves that need to be included with anti -inflammatory and quick -healing nerves.

The company’s latest recommendations, presented in the white paper “Forecasting Climate Sanctuaries for Securing the Future of Coral Reefs,” are as follows:

  • The continued approach of 50 Reefs as a “place to prevent climate change” is as important as investing in conservation.
  • The expansion of the 50 Reefs reserve is designed to change the climate to include more marine reserves and sanctuaries.
  • Increased support for local health reviews of the 50 Reefs portfolio, as well as ongoing funding initiatives to support the implementation of local portfolios.
  • Encourages the focus on key sources of data to test and develop new models and predictions of climate change.
  • The use of modern aggregation science to guide investments, despite the rapidly changing climate and the introduction of new environmental pressures and answers across the board.
  • Securing a long -term approach to navigating the 50 Reefs, including high seas, fishing and good water management, will reduce risks. Other (such as business development), so that efficient and balanced management will have the benefits for the teams. and marine communities.

Caribbean islands have been warming for 100 years

More information:
Full Thought Paper: Predicting the sacred places of the universe for the preservation of the future of armies

Presented by the University of Leicester

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