UN talks on climate change ended two days in the long run

Evidence is expected to be a key guide to reducing emissions and eliminating global warming.

Evidence is expected to be the key to reducing emissions and eliminating global warming.

The talks conclude a major UN report on climate change prevention scheduled for Sunday more than two days after the debate over climate change. Financial interests, people told AFP.

Two weeks of virtual conversations have been raging since its inception, as 200 countries struggle with tough choices about quickly cleaning up carbon pollution from their businesses and becoming carbon neutral in the middle. of the century.

The latest report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to be published on Monday, will detail how organizations and agencies are considering re -evaluating to cut emissions. of global warming gases and avoid the harmful effects of global warming.

But with the major changes needed – and major investments on the line – the political stakes are high.

“Everyone has something to lose and everyone has something to gain,” said one participant who observed the process.

The nations have been tasked with launching the high -profile “summary for policy makers” to complete thousands of pages of the IPCC’s core review.

When the talks began on Sunday, only 50 percent of the text was approved, and in the evening the surrounding areas were cleaned up.

“A final reading and observation will be done on Monday morning,” said Belgian scientist Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, a delegate from Belgium.

A source close to the talks told AFP before the delay down the instructions on the money.

The United States has criticized data showing many developing countries reduce emissions of green gas to meet the hot goals of the Paris Agreement, even as China wants to invest more. The numbers are up, he said.

While these specifics remain in the main IPCC report, the U.S. and other economic nations want it to fall out of the critical list for policy makers.

Some studies have suggested that developing countries need to spend trillions each year, more often than not at current investment levels.

“These numbers are very strict. The report says we could limit warming to 1.5C and cut emissions in half by 2030,” the teacher said.

“But you can’t say without saying how much money you need to implement those solutions.”

Substitute discussions about dumping the IPCC’s data have stalled on how, and how quickly, fossil fuels should be extracted to lead to global warming.

They delayed the amount of responsibility given to technologies that capture CO2 as it is released into the atmosphere.

Nikki Reisch, of the Center for International Environmental Law, said “political pressure” is trying to “mask the undeniable fact” that temperatures will rise to dangerous levels if they don’t move quickly. fossil fuels.

The UN will release a handbook of climate change solutions

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