Ukraine: ICRC head, Russia discusses need to protect Ukrainian citizens

MOSCOW: The president of the Committee against the Red Cross said on Friday that he had discussed with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the need to protect civilians during Moscow’s protests in Ukraine.
“We also talked about civil law and the provisions of the Geneva Conventions on the conduct of conflict … civilians should be protected,” Peter Maurer said at a press conference. meet with Lavrov.
Maurer was visiting Moscow after spending five days in Ukraine last week.
He said he and Lavrov had a “very serious discussion”, which also means that the Geneva Conventions should be respected during the conflict at a meeting with the Russian defense industry.
These conferences focused on prisoners of war and “citizens detained in Russia and Ukraine”, he said, as well as “the problem of dead bodies – civilians and soldiers – should be given back and given back to the families “.
The Russian minister said “we hope that the ICRC’s activities will be fruitful”, calling it an “independent process”.
“However, there is no reason to believe that the Kyiv authorities will implement it properly,” he said.
Maurer said the ICRC was committed to increasing its humanitarian assistance to all citizens affected by the conflict, both in Ukrainian -controlled territory and in areas under separatist -backed rule. Russia.
“We have a tough front line right now in Ukraine in the way that when people see the fighting in the cities, they are stuck between the front lines,” Maurer said.
The talks between Ukraine and Russia “have previously produced some positive developments in terms of agreements for civil society, but we also know that this is not enough”, he said.
Asked about the human situation in the southeastern port of Mariupol, he said the city has a “high level of awareness and perspective from the international community”.
“But I want to show that it’s not the only area to worry about,” Maurer said.
“It would not be possible to think about entering or leaving Mariupol or other places if we did not have a firm and specific agreement between the armed forces on the ground. “he said.
Maurer told AFP before his trip to Russia that he hoped to overcome the problems related to “prisoners of war, the dead, the conduct of the conflict”.

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