Two weeks to promote freedom and dignity

Last week, my home town of New York picked up the orders. Apparently, they carried orders. Some places continue to do so, and children are required to wear the Mask, and cars are always required to wear the Mask, and our great master has left the door to reopen orders at their times. what you want…

But in name, right now, even a cyberpandemic with coronavirus properties can’t be stopped, until we have to lock in for “ania” or viruses or the Russians or whatever they say, the orders have been lifted, they said. No orders.

What do you mean? Oh hooray, I think. Our masters are kind and give generously at times. They “restored our freedom.” Hooray. They were able to change the basic independent life they were entitled to. Hooray.

So if you want to know what I think, I’m hurt and angry. I felt like the binding was put together, and the binding put on his clothes and left. And here we are.

A History of Two Bartenders

Interesting moments create what’s inside. So here’s a story of two bartenders at interesting times.

The first bartender, I will never forget. This was done in the first few days after the orders were put in. I was very impressed with the fact that the places were implemented but I didn’t look to argue with the owners, I just felt abused. So I waited for someone outside the bar. It was night, and the living quarters were closed. I made myself a place in the heavily secluded “outdoor” restaurant, and I was thinking about my business, thinking about my thoughts.

A bartender saw me, came up to me and asked me what I was doing there. I had no intention of getting into it, so I said something defensive and good. But he thought about it and said, “You are not fit to sit here. Come on! ” And with those words, he introduced me to it, rather than to the “paper” brand. Then, when I went in, she said to me, “It’s better this way!”

That bartender, I will never forget. He made me again like a man. That bartender, I will never forget.

Sometimes, I wait for someone in the office of a private courtyard, at the door. Again, it was late. There was no one else on the bar except the bartender and what I was waiting for. It was clear that we went out to get drinks.

The bartender ordered me to go out, and he treated me like a dog. When I asked her if she was happy this way, she said she was just following the rules. When I asked her if she enjoyed following the rules, she said, “Sure, yes. I do. “

It was my birthday. This is a very wicked thing. But laughing, I don’t remember his face. That bartender, that “good Glemania” bartender forgot about me.

Who owns our bodies and our minds, after all?

That’s a good question. A very good question to ask. If we have our bodies, as free people, why order? Why would they make people free their work and happiness, depending on a healthy choice? And if our benevolent masters can “restore us to our freedom,” who put them in the position of taking it in the first place?

In March 2022, two years have passed since we “two weeks to fix the button.” What do we have on Earth? Where did our privacy go? Why do our own masters escape from evil? Why are our basic freedoms reduced to a point?

Dr. Meryl Nass has once again posted an excellent blog post highlighting the lack of a song, teacher, love, or truth behind the orders – and that is why the orders are wrong without the need for that, on the human level only.

They were wrong because the isolation was wrong – but to add insult to injury, the Untouchable Medical Product has not been shown to stop the spread, according to Drs. Nass reports. We know it won’t stop the spread. They also know. And so why?

And as much as we are free to think and communicate our feelings, why are they correcting those things? Why this censorship? For our own good?

As someone born in the USSR, I don’t think it’s for our own good. I’ve seen that movie before, it’s not for anyone’s good. So why don’t they let us breathe and see what is good for us? Isn’t that the work of the freedmen?

Two weeks to perfect the memory of independence

From the looks of it, they don’t really mean to end orders. As such, eliminate them completely, forever, without conditions or deceptions. Like, actually eliminating them, with the promise not to do it again… it’s okay but there’s no similar plan. They are drunk on “problem power,” and they want to care because they want to care. And so, what do I think after the orders were lifted — but not lifted in New York? I have a number.

I’m fine, but I hate separation, and I’ve really forgotten what it’s like to go into a restaurant like that in 2019. I’ve learned to live without thinking about homes. Restaurants, museums, or gyms. I’m fine, I won’t get hurt over it. I don’t want to go unless it’s a place that doesn’t fulfill (and those things, I’m happy).

Surprisingly, I did not go to an official music studio for two years, except that I worked in music. But I don’t want to go, right now. It can change with time but for now, I don’t want to go. Separation is not good. They are committed to the heart of wisdom.

I’m not angry, I’m not hurt, I’m not interested in what they have. I don’t know what they are. I didn’t want to go and produce nothing to do, we moved on. There was war. Something important was betrayed. It will heal one day, and it can heal quickly, but the face must be, from the heart, by all sides, when everything is ready. This is real healing, that is the nature of healing. The heart is necessary.

End our happiness

This attack deserves our power and happiness. It has to stop. We are for spirit and water, not for fear or a mechanical clock. Our good masters have wronged us, and they love it. Therefore, our gracious lords are evildoers. But at least we knew.

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