Tripadvisor Awards 2022: Top features, fun parks and insights

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(CNN) – A dream church designed in Europe built since 1882 will be the world’s top visitor for 2022, according to Tripadvisor reviews.

Each year, the tour guide panel releases a series of Travelers ’Choice Awards. It offers its best beaches and the best beaches so far this year.

On Tuesday, Tripadvisor unveiled its “Best of the Best Things to Do” in 11 regions, with world -class and U.S. attractions, fun parks and the best all -inclusive views.

Spain and Italy were hot on this year’s world tour, occupying half of the list. Here are the top 10, according to Tripadvisor:

1. Basilica de la Sagrada Familia: Barcelona, ​​Spain
2. Colosseum: Rome
3. State Government Building: New york
4. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
5. Degli Uffizi Museum: Florence, Italy
6. Plaza de España: Seville, Spain
7. Iguazu Falls: Foz do Iguaçu, Palakila
8. Roman baths. Bath, United Kingdom
9. Garden of the Gods: Colorado Springs, Colorado
10. Trevi Fountain: Rome

More about the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

The basilica is the vision of the architect Antoni Gaudí, who became a pioneer in modern design. It was brutally damaged during the Spanish Civil War in 1930, and its face and crypt earned a UNESCO World Heritage status in 2005.

Its unique architecture is considered a combination of Catalan Modernism, Spanish Late Gothic, Catalan Noucentisme and Art Nouveau. The basilica is a tourist attraction in Barcelona, ​​a vibrant and cosmopolitan city famous for its art, culture and food.

To check yourself and enter Spain, you will need to provide a certificate confirming complete training, a negative result of a Covid-19 test or a certificate of return in June. 11.

The top 10 in the US

The Empire State Building is tall in New York City and in the minds of tourists.

The Empire State Building is tall in New York City and in the minds of tourists.

Alexander Spatari / Moment RF / Getty Images

The Big Apple has three amazing things. Top 10 US examples:

1. State Government Building: New york
2. Garden of the Gods: Colorado Springs, Colorado
3. Central Park: New york
4. Iolani Palace: Sheltered Bay
5. Biltmore: Asheville, North Carolina
6. The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum: New york
7. Arches National Park: Moab, Utah
8. The National WWII Museum: New Orleans
9. Treatment of Taliesin: Green Spring, Wisconsin
10. The Stetson Mansion: DeLand, Florida

Top 10 of the world and water parks

An aerial view of Siam Park in Tenerife, one of the Spanish Canary Islands.

An aerial view of Siam Park in Tenerife, one of the Spanish Canary Islands.

Mateusz Łopuszyński / Adobe Stock

This has been a good year for Spain, who have secured the top spot in this division. Brazil was a strong show with three parks. Top 10 fun courses and waters:

1. Siam Park: Adeje, Spain
2. Puy du Fou: Les Epesses, France
3. Beto Carrero World: Penha, Palakila
4. Puy du Fou Spain: Toledo, Spain
5. Milky Way Park: Clovelly, United Kingdom
6. Hot Park: Rio Quente, Palakila
7. Waterbom Bali: Kuta, Indonesia
8. Dollywood: O Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
9. Universal’s Islands of Adventure: Orlando
10. Terra Maga Florybal Park: Cinnamon, Palakila

Siam Park is a water park in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. The subject at the park is Thai. One of the cars, called The Vulcano, travels in the dark and displays a laser light display.

Top 10 of the United States and water parks

With fun and excitement, Dollywood theme park is the heartbeat with roller coasters.

With fun and excitement, Dollywood theme park is the heartbeat with roller coasters.

imageBROKER / Shutterstock

Two parks made the world’s top 10 list to lead American power. Unsurprisingly, Florida parks are the winners of this list.

1. Dollywood: O Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
2. Islands of Universal’s Adventure: Orlando
3. Kingdom Magic Park: Orlando
4. Universal Studios Hollywood: Los Angeles
5. Universal Studios Florida: Orlando
6. City of Currency: Branson, Missouri
7. Funland: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
8. Fun Spot America: Kissimmee, Florida
9. The village of Santa: Jefferson, New Hampshire
10. Busch Gardens: Tampa, Florida

In the mountains of eastern Tennessee, it is open ‘


Tripadvisor is focusing on this year’s gifts, most of which are given by tour operators.

“The gifts will provide the right insight to hard -working and skilled travelers who can provide unique insights to their visitors while navigating the medical field,” said Kate Urquhart. , the chief information officer at Tripadvisor, in a news release.

Outdoor projects won 2021 awards, Tripadvisor said, and they made a new strong showing in 2022. But city tours are even more popular for 2022, the news said.

This is the No. 1 full description:

The Travelers ’Choice Awards honor the best food experts; natural and external activities; cultural and historical tours and more.

Click here to see all the rules and winners of Tripadvisor 2022.

How the winners will be chosen

According to Tripadvisor, the best gifts to make “are determined based on the quality and quantity of travel reviews and reviews for information, trips, activities and attractions on Tripadvisor. .from May 1, 2021, to April 30, 2022, details.

“Information is divided into bookable trips and activities on Tripadvisor. Non -bookable information, or visitors, are activities on Tripadvisor that people can access. travel without having to book a ticket. “

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