TravelPerk’s March 2022 Marketplace Update

Hello everyone! March sees us making steady progress along the way until the end of the quarter. Let’s start with a few new groups in the meeting room, event and community tourism, and more.

The most recent sales companies are:

  • WeWork
  • PriorityPass
  • Nectios
  • Doctor-Ea

Join your teams in remote work

Please give your employees the freedom to have access to the space when they need it. Do it from close to home, in many places, or in new cities.


We have partnered with WeWork to give you a special discount on WeWork All Access, a monthly membership that opens hundreds of affordable offices, giving you access to business locations and with benefits close to home around the world.

👉 What’s in TravekPerk’s customers?

Special Discount: Sign up for TravelPerk and enjoy 50% off monthly membership fees for six months. Learn how to get the price here
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About WeWork

WeWork is a global leader in flexible space solutions, providing businesses of all sizes with the space, community, and services they need to run and grow their business. With hundreds of locations in more than 100 cities, we offer a wide range of solutions to affiliates around the world.

Provides travelers with access to airport resorts regardless of ticket or flight schedule

The first

Give your staff access to over 1300 guest rooms and exhibitions around the world and a choice of three annual membership to suit the unique travel needs of customers.

👉What is it for TravelPerk customers?
Special Special: Keep up to date 30% in the first year with the election of three members.
Learn how to get the price here

About the Priority Pass

The largest network of offices to meet all the needs of your organizations. The Priority Pass is designed to qualify as the primary guest room and lead the information program that has provided travelers with guest room around the world for nearly 30 years.

Not currently a customer?

Book a demo and use our discounts.

Create a virtual community for your organization and organize memorable events

Forget about using different thresholds for each purpose. Add all your tools and save time and get speed into your day to day.


We’ve teamed up with Nectios to help our customers turn their events into memorable experiences. Create a project in the future of B2B communication and engage with your audience. Open your event space so that your visitors can play again and ask for the information you have provided.

👉What is it for TravelPerk customers?
Special discount: 15% discount on all Nectios products.
Learn how to get the price here

About Nectios:

Nectios is a multimodular platform that allows each organization to create virtual & hybrid events with its own personalized virtual community. As for the type of event you are planning, they will help you not to forget. Create a 100% customized virtual server and build a community that appreciates connected features.

Take good care of your employees when they go for work

Help travelers find a doctor abroad. Schedule a time with one of the thousands of trusted and licensed people in countries around the world.

Kauka Air

We have partnered with Air Doctor to give our customer a solution for 24/7 medical help and advice in all parts of the world. Find a doctor in your area or schedule a doctor’s visit online.
Learn more about AirDoctor here

About AirDoctor:

Air Doctor is a program that allows travelers to find a doctor in their area or schedule an online doctor visit. Avoid an emergency room visit. Air Doctor works with most major insurance companies. If the traveler pays out of the Air Doctor bag to keep all the paperwork for the trip then they will be paid again on their return.

Take your business travel to the next level by integrating our partners into your platforms or workflows. Our global market has grown 5x in 2021, and now you can track and manage your travel expenses in one place. Send permissions and navigate your user with one of the top external extensions, such as Rydoo, Emburse, BambooHR, OneLogin, and more.
Give travelers the freedom they want, while maintaining the control you need for your business with TravelPerk.

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