TravelPerk product and marketing update – April 2022

We are committed to bringing the most value to our customers – just us. Therefore, we have advertised new products large and small to remove the sore spots reported by our customers.

Now, you can choose the amount of VAT you can recover with our VAT calculator. Managers can streamline the invoice management process and create “high usage” tasks. FlexiPerk is currently available in UAE Singapore and Singapore 🇸🇬. Our 🇪🇺 customer can team up with Soldo in order to manage costs. These are just a few of the changes our amazing engineering team made last month!

Sales Report:

Choose the amount of VAT you can charge again

Our new travel VAT score can help you compare how much VAT you will charge again on travel in Europe.

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Speed ​​up your invoice management process

Download a .csv of your documents to speed up your editing process.

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Increased control of managers:

Save users in quantity or send them directly to users

You can save, remove and delete multiple users, as well as download lists of users directly from the People page.

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Update companies:

Adjust your spending with Soldo 🇬🇧 🇪🇺

Connect TravelPerk with Soldo and wind up with your travel budget! All Premium and Pro customers in the EU and UK can use the new Soldo and TravelPerk platform to integrate invoices from TravelPerk into the Soldo platform for travel arrangements made with the Soldo card . This eliminates the manual work of financial management and accesses financial information and data into the Soldo platform in real time.

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Section update:

FlexiPerk is currently available in UAE Singapore and Singapore 🇸🇬

Customers in the UAE and Singapore can use FlexiPerk to book a trip with peace of mind if plans change, they can cancel and get their money back with one click. Every now and then. Everywhere. No questions asked. They can choose between: self -driving FlexiPerk company, so each trip will be paid for a 10%fixed fee; combine FlexiPerk trips to each trip, for a reasonable fee (on average 15% of the trip).

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Trenitalia train prices at TravelPerk 🇮🇹

Our customer can book Trenitalia car prices in Italy directly on TravelPerk. Another step in the journey continues.

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