TravelPerk May 2022 Sales Report

Welcome to the new May 2022 Marketplace. We are happy to show you what we have been doing for the past few weeks. The release of new additions, new additions, and new product features are some of the major market innovations for this month. More to discover, please continue reading.

Updates of the sale:

  • Emburse Captio
  • Get lost
  • Apple Pay is released by Soldo
  • Jobbatical

Keep your employees in a simple hiring process while reducing hiring

Emburse Captio

We have partnered with Emburse Captio to make the business journey easier for our customers and their employees.

👉 What’s in TravekPerk’s customers?

Thanks to the integration with Emburse Captio, you get a complete overview of your travel expenses in Emburse, as well as staff costs. Monitor how much is spent by an employee, company, or project, and integrate it directly into Emburse Analytics to determine based on actual data. This integration is available to Premium and Pro users, in Spain, and in the EU.
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About Emburse Captio

Emburse is a new hiring management company that offers solutions to change the way companies manage labor costs, invoice process, and pay. Emburse humanizes work by encouraging business trips, finance professionals, and CFOs to eliminate manual labor and time, so they can focus on the most important things.

Get more control over the expenses sent and who will find them on the Expensify page

Get lost

With the new power of the Expensify integration, you decide which payment pages send costs to Expensify and who gets them.

Lfind out more here

👉What is it for TravelPerk customers?

This is very helpful:
When it is necessary to separate certain payment details from the Expensify integration

You only need to send the costs of payment details with credit cards to Expensify.
When using a payroll account with a shared email.
You can set up the payment email to cover the costs of that page, so that publishers will not incur costs that they do not care for.
Using personal payment methods.
You can decide whether to remit expenses incurred using personal payment methods (those generated by users) to reimburse their costs, or not.

About Expensify

Expensify is the most popular digital publishing platform in the world. Whether you’re working for yourself, running a global company, or replacing books for your clients, Expensify can help you leave the site where you have more time to look great.

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Make payments fast and easy with Apple Pay


TravelPerk customers using the Soldo service can make payments with their iPhone or Apple Watch.

👉What is it for TravelPerk customers?

Always ready
Forgot your bag? No problem. Pay anywhere to accept Apple Pay – in -store and online – using your Apple app.

Easy to use
Payment is easy online and in store. No need to remember PIN numbers or card details, just use Apple Pay.

Safe and sound
With Apple Pay, your credit card number isn’t shared with merchants, and you don’t have to worry about losing your card.

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No Soldo:

Soldo is a paid and used payroll management platform designed for businesses of all sizes, empowering individuals and agencies to make payments, and helping financial institutions manage and manage payments. look at the transfer.

Building a world where people move from one country to another without papers


We’ve teamed up with Jobbatical to help our clients save time, prepare for new jobs, and provide a fun moving experience for their global employees.

👉 What’s in TravekPerk’s customers?

  1. Easy callingwould be: The platform takes care of the balance, guiding you and your talent through each stage of the process.
  1. Collection of Documents: Experts ask your talent for the right information in a timely manner and keep it in your account for easy access.
  1. Recording class: Get a bird’s eye view as you move.
  2. Branded Platform: Everything from a beautiful design to show off your brand.

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Take your business travel to the next level by integrating our partners into your platforms or workflows. Our market has grown 5x in 2021, and now you can view and manage your travel expenses in one place. Send permissions and navigate your user with one of the top external extensions, such as Rydoo, Emburse, BambooHR, OneLogin, and more.
Give travelers the freedom they want, while maintaining the control you need for your business with TravelPerk.

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