TravelPerk market update in June 2022

The TravelPerk team has struggled over the past month, and many contributors have reported on their recent progress to better understand our community. Keep reading to learn more about our online training with our partners, the value of joining real life (IRL), and our trip around Europe to join with broad associations.

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This month we welcomed the happy faces of our partner Circula, the marketing team. We had the opportunity to meet in groups, learn new things about each other’s groups, get together, and enjoy dinners and activities in Barcelona.

Even Juliette Korauer, head of partners at Circula syes”Although we are used to working together, having the opportunity to meet face to face is very valuable for both of us because we have created a stronger team. We need to dive deep into the benefits for our regular customer – and our sales team is more than willing to spread the word about TravelPerk! We would like to thank TravelPerk for the wonderful hospitality and we look forward to our next visit! – Thank you TravelPerkees from your 26 Circulator visitors

About Circula:

Circula sets a new standard in travel and financial management. With GoBD’s proven software, you work to improve your organization, increase the productivity of your employees and save time in your data center through intelligent automation and smart APIs.

Physical contact is not important for educators, but for us to get to know each other better, and to have fun. It helps the two companies get to know each other better, and this is also confirmed by a new survey by Forbes Insight, where 85% of people speak. stronger business relationships are built at meetings and conferences.

Not only did our friends come to us, the TravelPerk team also traveled this month! TravelPerk is on its way to meet our travel partners in Europe IRL! Starting with…


Another opportunity we had this quarter was to meet with our partners from Mechelen, Belgium. The purpose of each meeting is trust, dialogue, and knowledge, and that is what we build through our IRL meetings around Europe. Meeting in London, or Barcelona and other times in Belgium, meeting with our friends is a great time for a good laugh, togetherness, and future plans. ana.

Having the time to meet our physical friends gives us a variety of benefits. Our face-to-face meetings have helped us form a meaningful relationship with our TravelPerk partners and we are excited to continue building a stronger and more positive partnership. . according to Justin Borja, the head of colleagues at Rydoo.

No Rydoo

Rydoo is the first mobile app to complete management tasks for both employees and the financial community. Give people more time to focus on the big things. With more than 1 million happy users from 160 countries, Rydoo is an excellent economic solution.


Moving on to our HR partner, SesameHR, the TravelPerk team visited their offices in Valencia.

According to Leticia Gonzalbez, head of sales, SesameHR said
Hosting Travelperk in our rooms is a very exciting experience to understand how their equipment works and how easy it is to organize business trips with them. Our sales team has found it invaluable to have the ability to showcase future trends during business trips and see how TravelPerk can have an impact on them all. At Sesame we take care of the environment. That’s why we wanted Greeperk, their tool for calculating and paying for CO2 emissions generated by books produced through their site. Meetings are about the body, of course

About SesameHR:

Sesame HR It is the human resources software that enhances and organizes employee management processes in a single site. Through its tools and automation, it helps businesses quantify and streamline routines so they can maximize time and speed up building the best possible knowledge for themselves. their employees.

Stand up … FRANCE ⁇


We had the pleasure of meeting in person with our customer Jenji. We toured their rooms and had free time with good food and drinks. Meeting people is a great opportunity to explain our plans, meet the wider community and get to know each other better.

As Jordi Calli, Director at TravelPerk said
Meeting with our IRL partners is always different than doing a zoom meeting. Joining face -to -face and face -to -face outside the fan quickly sets the vibe for the natural development of the relationship, and makes it easier for teams to bond with each other and achieve better results.. ”

No Jenji:

Jenji has re -established financial management systems by relying on Cloud and AI technologies to create a user experience that is accessible on multiple sites, anywhere in the world, providing real -time financial offices and real -time data. From checking availability to checking your requirements, Jenji oversees each process. It’s as simple as taking an existing photo and uploading it and leaving it for approval. Jenji’s decision to change your company’s hiring policy is to use the manager’s approach to accepting expenses.

Stand up … UK ⁇

System costs

Clare Mackey, Director at TravelPerk according to

“When you’re in person, you get to see each other in their natural place. This is a great time for all of us to come together, get to know our partners, build serious relationships and make a difference. join with deep roots at the technical level but at the personal level.

Regarding system costs:

Webexpenses, the online money management software, helps you manage your business expenses. Sending, receiving, and reporting requirements is streamlined through our intuitive digital platform. Our multi-level workflow is designed to meet your needs, providing automated execution and customized display to ensure power and insight.

It is very important to meet our friends. When we meet in person, communication can be enhanced, allowing us to dive deeper into deeper issues and then touch on all the important aspects of a business relationship.

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