Traveling independently in Vietnam: why newcomers add new information

The silly thing about the solo trip is that no one is watching your work, and I noticed this problem at my hostel at 4am, when it turned out that I had booked for the next evening and there was no bed for me. (There are reasons why people who try private travel in Vietnam prefer group tours, rather than looking for places to stay).

Thankfully, the host was kind enough to let me sleep on a very comfortable bed to prepare for the next morning. After a very good breakfast (hotels in Vietnam offer poor breakfasts) our group of twenty -five wannabe bikers had a quick ride down the road. We were then given the option of renting our own semi-automatic car, or using the ‘easy rider’ service, which meant sitting in the back of the housekeeper’s car. welcome their ride. In the weeks before my trip, I had been training a lot on standard scooters (unsuitable for high loop changes), so I was determined to ride alone, even on an unmarked machine. I chose the Honda Wave with some pre -existing warp, hoping I could take some of the car’s hardness. After a few minutes of training on the semi-automatic machine, we were all taken back to the lodge and told to divide into small groups of four or five for the long distance between us. beats, and in a large crowd. Not always possible.

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