TravelBank vs TripActions – 2022 Comparison

Travel management organizations (TMCs) help travelers and officials better manage their time and resources. Large TMCs offer financial monitoring, credit card integration, and automation controls i businesses and their travels can relax and unwind, knowing that everything is taken care of.

Looking for a suitable travel agency for kou Professional requirements can be a daunting task. To make it easier for you, we compare TravelBank and TripActions by looking at their advantages, disadvantages, and user reviews. We’ll also throw a group travel solution into the group to give you the best option to meet your group travel needs.

First, let’s take a look at TravelBank.

Travel Bank

TravelBank is a global travel rental and travel agency that offers a comprehensive travel solution.

One of their advantages is their mobile device – available for both Android and iOS. They had already developed their mobile app, even though they realized that the business trip needed an on-the-go experience.

TravelBank offers small and medium -sized businesses and offers a free trial of their subscription solution. They offer three different solutions: a travel solution, a rental solution, and an all-in-one solution.

According to TravelBank, the top features of the platform are:

  • Efficient travel and financial systems: keep everything under control, from VAT to policy enforcement.
  • Easy to use: so you can get up and run fast.
  • Thousands of business and personal cards supported: to make payment and return easy for travelers and officials.

What TravelBank users have to say:

User reviews of TravelBank show that it is easy to use and the mobile app they offer helps people navigate their trip on the go. In addition, its financial management is seen as an important asset for its users.

It’s an easy way to get it back. I know when I make a deposit, it will be taken care of in the future. ” – Niara P., courtesy of Capterra

Features, ease of use, and a simple interface to avoid confusion. This app is well made, I like the design and features, because it’s good when I’m on the go. ” – Christopher H. review from Capterra

However, there are some negative opinions. They reported that his customer support was not immediately responsive, and that costs and testimonials were difficult and difficult. In addition, some say the prices are too high.

“Sometimes financial reporting is confused with individual costs.” – Niara P., reviewer from Capterra

“Prices are the same on the airline’s direct website. I will negotiate directly with the airline in providing fares. – Jesus S., courtesy of Capterra

All in all, TravelBank is a great choice for an all -inclusive travel solution that has a great phone experience. However, for some users, its lack of support if necessary and clunky navigation can be stressful.


TripActions is an easy -to -use travel platform with cashback and corporate card management features. It incorporates high technology to help businesses of all sizes with standard execution, online booking, mobile apps, reporting, travel messages, financial management, and more.

Its AI technology provides advice on your business policies, real -time information on your travel plans, and comprehensive travel information.

According to TripActions, the top features of the platform are:

  • Continuous travel navigation: with the carbon setting to make the fly look like green.
  • AI technology: to help improve the efficiency and maintenance of your travel schedule.
  • Dear user: Which makes the platform lighter and easier to use from the walk.

What TripActions users have to say:

Most TripActions user reviews say that once you get used to the features it has, it will be much easier to use. Users also report good customer service through the conversation because everything is printed in the conversation, and their response is quick.

“It’s hard to understand the different products at first but when you know they’re easy to use.” – Clyde A., courtesy of Capterra

“It’s great to have Amazon credit to stay in the company to ask.” – Stephanie S., reviewer from Capterra

However, not everything is good news for TripActions users. For starters, some travelers complain about the connection with airlines and other programs that damage its entire operation.

“All I want is to be able to connect the planes myself or a good integration so that 1) I can change things without a third party. […] 2) My extensions are not allowed. ” – Laura R., reviewer from Capterra

“Sorting results can be confusing because sometimes page 3 web results are combined with organic search results. Hotel listings are more expensive than what I can get directly from the hotel website itself. ” – Kate, D., courtesy of Capterra

Another problem reported by some users is that the approval process and registration process are confusing and not easy to register.

“The only problem is that the trips are approved by the customer before going on registration.” – See Capterra

According to reviews, TripActions is a travel and money management program that charges new payments in 24hrs and has an excellent customer support service. However, problems with his operation and site management are likely to be an issue for his client.


Now, about another solution that we think is worth your time and consideration when it comes to corporate travel: TravelPerk.

TravelPerk is a top -notch travel agency solution. It is about providing both business travelers and drivers with their best travel experience and expenses.

TravelPerk is used by a number of big names, including Revolut, Grammarly, Uber, and more – proving to be a great business. His 24/7 support team will guarantee a response in 15 -seconds or less – just what you need during teacher time.

TravelPerks offers large companies and small businesses a variety of solutions – including easy travel options. FlexiPerk is available to users at least 80% of their money is refunded for termination up to 2-hours before departure.

TravelPerk’s partnership with high -end travel agencies – such as Expensify, Rydoo, Circula, and more – will make travel and travel economical overall. It supports other add -ons – such as BambooHR and Slack – to make the entire approval process and workflow as accessible as possible.

TravelPerk’s concierge services, real -time notifications, and easy -to -use apps feel like having an entire travel company in your bag – reducing long waits and great cost. .

Top features of TravelPerk include:

  • The world’s largest travel list: Find the best deals on airplanes, hotels, cars, and train tickets.
  • Full disclosure information for travel expenses: to manage expenses and set up trips and administrators.
  • 24/7 and seven-star customer service: the help you need, when you need it.
  • The journey continues with carbon sequestration: GreenPerk allows you to eliminate the carbon footprint of your business trip.

Let’s take a look at what TravelPerk users have to say about the platform.

What TravelPerk users have to say:

TravelPerk users value the user comfort of the threshold and the quality of the customer support if things get hurt.

Users want to make money by offering a free and reliable trial There is no registration fee. Instead, it offers a pay-as-you-travel service to help businesses save time and money.

In addition, with the ever -expanding global network, GreenPerk is committed to continuing the journey across businesses.

“We get more information, a little more overhead and save 23% on our world tour compared to the tour we’ve used before.” – Avital T., reviewed by GetApp

“From the beginning they leaned back to make sure we had the support and help we needed.” – Mandi R., courtesy of Capterra

“The product is great for tourists to book the trip into the company’s portfolio and travel programs. – Fraser H., reviewer from SoftwareAdvice

TravelPerk Vs. TravelBank vs. TripActions: A comparison

Now that we’ve looked at three different solutions for group travel, see how they relate to each other. We’ve included the important information you need to help you choose the best corporate travel solution for your needs – check out:

Travel Bank TripActions TravelPerk
Executives Sad long Short
Customer support Poor Sad very well
Prices Sad Pipi Money matters
Travel list Sad Sad very well
EU-ready Poor Poor very well
User information very well very well very well
Phone information very well very well very well
Government and administration Poor Poor very well
Report and data Sad Sad very well
Take care Poor Sad very well
Travel information Sad Sad very well
This program very well very well very well
Addition Very well Sad very well
Expense management very well very well very well

Record down the consequences

TravelBank and TripActions are good options for travel companies, but users report that TravelPerk is easy to use, and provides a better overview for travelers and executives.

TravelPerk is a user, has a professional travel guide list, and offers high quality 24/7 customer support. TravelPerk gives you everything you need and more from your travel agency.
Sign up today, and get ready for the launch – get high -quality, hassle -free business travel with TravelPerk.

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