Travel Tips for Vegans – six -two by Contiki

One of the easiest travel tips for vegans is to download these two programs before you start your travel planning.

Happy Cow is an app for sharing and finding restaurants, cafes, food carts and more with full vegan or vegan options, anywhere in the world. . This is a great help when traveling with real food friends because you can find places to keep both! People leave detailed reviews and photos for you to see so you can find the right place for you to eat. You can enter the details of where you live and see the food options near you! The search option includes features such as outdoor seating, wi-fi, credit card acceptance and opening hours, all of which are very helpful when traveling.

Before you leave, take a look at the things around your trip and plan some places you would like to eat. This saves you many times from your tired and hungry after a big day of sightseeing!

Fussy Vegan is another good program but is only suitable for use in Australia, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, NZ, UK and USA. This app lets you look at the barcode of a product and tell you if it’s vegan or not. You can search for a product and browse each country’s food menus to find something vegan. This can be a great help if you are looking for groceries at a convenience store or buying groceries to make at your restaurant.

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