Travel news: US currencies will be heading to Europe again this time

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(CNN) – This week’s travel news: What it takes to book one of the world’s toughest airports, Japan’s picky penguins and why U.S. travelers want to consider a trip to Europe this year.


The Euro is depreciating. For American tourists, that means European vacations are worth more money than two years. So while travel costs and other travel costs are rising, strong money can help end those rises for Americans settled in Europe.
At the time of writing, the Euro and the currency are almost identical. The UK pound is also weak: Changing at $ 1.20.
If you are planning a trip to Europe, why not consider Occitanie, a French country that has a long stretch of Mediterranean coastline bordered by seaside villages and some of the most popular attractions. the greatest wine in the land. Or Dublin, Ireland’s charming, walking capital where you can take in the sights and then take a dip in a swimming pool loved by Harry Styles and Matt Damon.
Greece is a popular choice for US tourists. In fact, it worked well for Cleveland resident Sura Crutch, who teamed up with an Athens resident in 1971 – and now half a century later, they’ve teamed up.

Our animal companion

In 2015, New Jersey native Tom Turcich rescued his dog Savannah from a shelter in Texas and took her for a walk. Seven years and thousands of miles later, they are gone. Here is the story of a man and his friend traveling around the world.
In other animal news, at the Hakone-en aquarium in Japan, animals such as penguins and otters are not happy to feed the lowest priced fish as a costly cut. Have you ever seen a waterbird that is more angry than this?
Wildlife lovers will probably enjoy CNN’s new documentary “Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the World,” which begins Sunday, July 10, at 9 pm ET. Published over a full year in the industry, it shows what it takes to survive and thrive in one of the wildest places on Earth.

Types of trips

Glamping – which is the portmanteau of “glamor” and “camping” – is the latest travel trend among China’s young people. Western China, where travelers can leave city life and be surrounded by farmers, ranches, goats and yaks, is a popular destination.
When it comes to hosting around the world, the power of a web developer cannot be underestimated whether you love them or hate them. As the travel world opens up again, we get brands and influencers to share their experiences.

Hotel news

The Juvet Landscape Hotel of Norway has 10 rooms in a spacious nature reserve, each with a unique design. Only a few small details help to enhance the beauty of the forest scenery outside.
Farther east in Dubai, Anantara has opened its new hotel in the Islands of the World, an archipelago of 300 man -made islands. It is only 15 minutes from the mainland but very secluded, only accessible by speedboat.
The 112 -year -old Nashville hotel, The Hermitage, has undergone a beautiful renovation.
And in London, the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair is under construction, with new buildings to be announced in September 2022.

The shortest trade route in the world

It was difficult to land on the plane on the small Caribbean island of Saba and only an elite group of specially trained pilots were ready to perform. According to Captain Roger Hodge, the former pilot, “When the man is fully trained and we are comfortable, we will broadcast the events that will give birth to a Top Gun.”

If you have missed it

An Airbus A380 flew from Dubai to Australia with a second on its side.

A train enthusiast has uncovered a real mystery of the Orient Express.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson leave on Fridayafter several turbulent years in British politics.

Leave me alone

Get him. An evening breeze, a margarita and a night out with your sweetheart at a cozy hotel that you have reserved for the whole year. And one thing that will ruin your vibe: your sun -kissed limbs are covered in big red baby bites.

To avoid that on your next vacation, our partners at CNN Underscored, CNN’s product review and advisory guide, have tried and tested the best solvents on the market. Here are the sprays they recommend.

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