Travel in Covid’s time: Getting there was easy – It was hard to get back home

I was a prisoner in England by the US government.

The day my wife and I flew home from Ladana after a short visit, we took a covid-19 test, as required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to travel to US The United States will not allow anyone to fly. in a country well -known for covid, and it’s up to the planes to do that.

My wife’s attempt was not good.

My show was good.

He jumped out.

I stayed.

I sat and tried to think of what to do next. And as many who are contemplating going abroad know, the hard part is not getting there. It may not be resistant to covid, although it is more difficult. Returning to the United States.

I was not allowed to fly for 10 days. After that, if I get a bad report, I can go.

But while in the UK, I don’t have to separate. The British government said I was free to do what I wanted. I could walk downstairs, visit beautiful museums, or stand in line for an indoor concert. I could go full Typhoid Mary, if I wanted, and go into fancy stores, all without cover. No one in England can be afraid to dress someone up.

What I can’t do is fly the plane, with the air returned every three minutes, among people who need to wear masks on a regular basis. If I get covid in the US, I can fly free from Washington, DC, to San Francisco – masked, of course – without any problems. But not over the Atlantic.

So I’m looking at 10 days of hotels, it’s not easy in London. It doesn’t seem like I can call a friend here and say, “Hey, I got covid. Can I fall on your living room sofa? “

But a colleague suggested that a frequent trip to London: Go to Brighton, the famous beach town on the English Channel. The price of hotels there. Shine. (It’s ugly and beautiful and historical. The trip is worth it.)

I rode the train down, and only the neck became dry, some were cut off, I lost my appetite, and perhaps a slight fever. I wore a mask when I went out.

Meanwhile, covid cases in the UK are on the rise rapidly. Guest houses as well.

The British government estimates that around 3.5 million people in England tested positive last week, about 6% of the population. British doctors are once again speaking out on Twitter about critical hospitals. Drugstores have eyes, many strong masks, but not a single covid display. All Boots stores, British such as CVS or Walgreens, have posted signs saying they are finished and will try again tomorrow. Those signs weren’t taken away during my stay, and I hit a few stores every day. Although covered.

My symptoms went away quickly, and after four days I was well again. I continued to use an N95 mask. My Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the half-dose Modern booster reported by the CDC did the trick.

But in the meantime, how do I get back to it? Here is the problem. There is a time when a small piece of the disease stays in my body. So if I try again and it works, I’ll be stuck here again – no symptoms except a blood clot. I didn’t want to take that risk.

Fortunately, a Facebook friend posted something about her husband, who had a similar situation. The result was to pay a private doctor to make sure 10 days after his first symptoms he did not have epilepsy. For $ 185 he received a valid “medical certificate” that was considered a “must fly.” And he returned home.

I’ll try that. I’m sorry – because if one thing I’ve learned about traveling abroad during covid times is this: You may not get a terrible illness, but your personal finances will hurt.

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