Travel and tour a secret Croatia on this action adventure

Do you want to continue your journey, but also know when (and how) to appreciate astronomy? Have you visited Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split and wanted to see more of Croatia? Or are you looking for something different. It’s a journey to turn heads for your next family reunion. Your aunt is looking for your sense of humor, and your cousins ​​are jealous and jealous.

Yes, your luck is different. There is a journey that is right for you. On a converted racing ship and we sail (whirlwind…) outside the highway in Croatia. Explore unpopular islands, bays and beaches… by car. Swim in the shimmering Mediterranean. Eat fresh fish, drink local wines, and balance everything with your conscience during morning yoga sessions.

This trip is new, it’s in a fresh-out-of-the-packet scent. Imagine healthy fitness vibes, with free spaces.

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