Top festivals in Europe you need to know about!

Split up. Saving. Once upon a time in a lifetime… that is, if Contiki did the Fyre Festival, so be it. Are you ready to live a high life this special weekend ??

Updated for 2022 this AF Chateau is enough to wow reason to get your entire Instagram after going to your DM asking where you are the F ***. Are there any parties I hear you ask? Will there be live music? Indoor party? And dance the night away? All of the above. Best of all, the bar is always open and choose the one… you don’t have to wait 35 minutes to grab a drink, the toilet isn’t like a murder scene, the bed sheets are clean (if you can), the It’s warm and it can rain, you don’t have to pay $ 20 for a pork sandwich And you never cry in the cup (unless you know about some kind of game Not us).

This is festive experience with no faff… and no A-List Musical talent but there’s a vibe, we promise.

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