Top 20 international business travel and meeting places

Business travelers are often excluded from international hubs in a pre-pandemic world. Annual spending on business travel is $1.4 trillion, and everyone knows that if you travel for business, you probably, at some point, need to go to New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, or Dubai to name a few.

Then, it all came to an end when the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world. Non-stop travel of all kinds and global traffic has been reduced to its lowest levels since the introduction of the Boeing 707 in 1958 marked the beginning of the Jet Age. However, business travel is making a comeback. As businesses become more flexible, hybrid, and decentralized, travel is returning and taking on new forms. Professionals in businesses, roles, and countries are returning to the way they can reunite in real and physical life.

But where are they going now? Are business travel destinations the same today as they used to be? We’ve dug up the top 20 spots in the city that our business travelers are booking on the TravelPerk site. This is where they meet their colleagues, customers, and partners face to face.

Top 10 places for business meetings

london westminster

1. London

It’s no wonder London finds itself at #1 on any list of top business travel destinations. With banks, technology companies, FMCGs, and any other business you can think of, operating in London, it’s no wonder that business travelers flock there. London has often represented the bridge between North America and Europe, and continues to be so today with travelers from both sides of the pond choosing London as their meeting point.

Heading to London for some quick face-to-face meetings? Check out our London city guide made for business travelers by business travelers!

barcelona arc de triumph

2. Barcelona

Between Barcelona Tech City, the Mobile World Congress, and the sun all year round, it’s only natural that Barcelona occupies the #2 slot on this list. The city is fast becoming a startup and tech hub, while also being home to some of Europe’s largest companies. With so many hotels and event venues, it’s no wonder that business travelers and groups flock to this Spanish beach town.

What’s more, Barcelona is a travel industry favorite in its own right, attracting over 27 million tourists every year!

Berlin tower

3. Berlin

The German capital is growing as a major European business center and is often praised as one of the best cities to live and work in. The city’s renaissance is attracting talent from all over the world, making Berlin one of the country’s biggest international sources for workers. Many businesses are setting up shop there, with many young people wanting to move to Berlin because of its exciting music scene and quality of life. You should go there to meet your colleagues or customers soon!

4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is celebrated as a center of creativity and innovation. Companies in a variety of industries have set up their headquarters in Amsterdam, including major companies in the financial services, banking, automotive, and energy industries to name a few. The city’s business center is a 15-minute bus ride from the city center, making Amsterdam an ideal location for a real-life business meeting.

Paris views

5. Paris

Ooh-la-la! The French capital cannot be included in the list of the best places for anything – for work or for pleasure. But leaving the croissants and French styles aside for now, Paris is one of Europe’s most important business centers and is home to the highest number of top 500 offices in the world! Not only that, but the city welcomes small and medium businesses to improve its economic diversity, business environment, large talent pool, and more.

There is no doubt that business travel to Paris will continue to increase in 2022 and 2023. This is also the perfect destination to turn your business trip into an enjoyable travel experience!

new york skyline

6. New York

Yes, the Big Apple. New York City is always in the top 10 of corporate travel destinations. Home to the world’s most famous Financial District, New York is a melting pot of business, industry, industry, and creativity. No matter what you do or what business you’re in, you’ll probably travel to New York to meet someone face-to-face often.

What’s more, New York has one of the liveliest business events after Las Vegas. So keep your eyes peeled for trade shows or conferences you want to attend for a personal website!

7. Madda

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is fast becoming a major player in Europe’s business ecosystem. The city provides a clear connection between Europe and the markets in South America, and is also growing in terms of international companies establishing headquarters in its financial district. The city has opened a large meeting center, so you can expect to travel to Madrid for a meeting meeting in the near future.

With many business hotels available and a well-developed public transport system, Madrid has become a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

lisbon belem

8. Lisbon

Sometimes a surprise competitor on these lists, Lisbon is a haven of business on this side of the Atlantic. With its strong connection to the main business cities in Brazil (such as Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro) as well, Lisbon is a dynamic and interesting city for large and small businesses to meet and meet.

Lisbon is often chosen as the perfect destination for a group retreat or retreat, boasting a wealth of hotels and amenities, an unparalleled food scene, and plenty of opportunities for corporate activities in and around the city.

munich heaven

9. Munich

Often referred to as the economic powerhouse of Germany, Munich is home to some of the country’s largest industries. It is a destination for technology companies in Germany, with a wide range of companies working in the engineering, aerospace, life sciences, and medical fields setting up camp in Munich. There is no doubt that any business dealing with customers or partners in Germany needs to fly to Munich for a face-to-face opportunity!

vienna palace

10. Vienna

Although Vienna is often associated with operas, ballets, and other fine arts, the city is actually an industrial city in its own right. Vienna’s highly educated workforce, its strategic location in the heart of Europe, and its vibrant social scene make it a destination for business travelers trying to “meet the middle”. The Austrian capital is the perfect place for any business meeting – whether it’s taking the company to a location for a much-loved site or meeting a client in a beautiful and convenient location.

Business travel destinations are on the rise

As business travel continues, we will no doubt see a lot of movement on this list. Some destinations will likely see a significant increase in business travel, surpassing the current most popular destinations. The following cities return to the list as important destinations for business travelers to meet in person:

11. Frankfurt

12. Dublin

13. San Francisco

14. Milan

15. Chicago

16. Zurich

17. Tallinn

18. Copenhagen

19. Boston

20. Los Angeles

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