To my child who was born in a time of crisis: Be angry and be ready

(CNN) – Aloha River,

It’s only been two years since you took our Little Blue Marble ride on the Milky Way and now you can say things like “Bill Weir I want a banana smoothie,” that’s the time to learn the difference between “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Earth Day..”
There were two in April, but one of them was a cake and Hopalong Andy and the other was angry with the man. Both of them are put on balloons, only on Earth Day can we pick out their pieces melted from the beach or decorate them around with a sign against the trip itself. Broadway.

The problems with the economy built on firewood and the obsolescence system seen in my childhood allowed leaders of two political families to work with the Environmental Protection Agency and provide Clean Air. and Water Acts. You are learning more about the Legislature of your birth, this is beautiful.

But they were right. Those moves are the reason people can see the San Gabriel Mountains from the city of LA and the fish in the Cuyahoga River and allow Donald Trump to say that environmental regulations are not necessary because there are we “clean air, clean water.”
On 20th Earth Day in 1990, the green was a lot easier but the advice of the day included asking the post office to stop sending junk mail and cut your rings. Six boxes to keep the seagulls from being cut. Currently, 163 million pieces of trash are left behind by World Day partygoers in Central Park.

“These people don’t leave as much as people who go to grocery stores,” a cleaning official said at the time. “It’s a social community.”

But while we are dismissing our worst misconceptions as a matter of course, none of us can see the trillions of tons of global warming, dying at the root of fossil pollution. unseen smoke in our seas and skies. And it’s too late — for the end of the experience.

Not anymore.

A few weeks after you were born, we went through a hurricane season all the letters of the alphabet to name them and the cost of the storms that came was much higher. a year later.

Bill Weir / CNN

The day you learned to open the kitchens, 15 Giant Sequoias trees that have been rocking with California winds for 2,000 years can’t survive in 2021.
And the week before your second birthday, it’s 50 ° F more than usual near the North Pole. This may be awful, but at the same time, 70 ° F is higher than normal near the South Pole. Because they are, by definition, polar opposites This does not need to be done and going forward with this number, it could be even worse.
At current carbon pollution levels, River, in my age, American urban science predicted it would move over 500 miles to the south. Anchorage can be as hot as 24 ° F and nearly 360% wetter while Washington DC is hotter and humid than Greenwood, Mississippi. Tucson can fly as low as 10 ° F while losing about 40% of its precious rain, leaving the Mexican cities in the Sonoran Desert, and Jacksonville, Florida as the border. Northern Belize.

We do not know the accuracy of these models because, according to scientists, our Earth does not test. This is it. You, your sister, your friend Matilda and the rest of the community scooter team are the testers.

Looking back, you might think about what we are doing with this information before re -creating the trash cans and six bird safety bags, but you should know that there are many Good spirits ready to enter. “What should i do?” I heard it on many planes and sometimes I started responding with a list.

1. Huhu.

2. Be prepared.

3. Get as many new friends as you can.

Step 1 is simple. First, look at your “eco-anxiety” (a term that jumped in use by 4,290% in 2019) and then remind yourself that scientists in the community are worried. the world’s biggest oil when “Saturday Night Fever” began. in theaters. Local records show that they accurately predicted what we see today.

If you find out that their bosses in the C-suites have decided not to tell anyone for years, then that anger will become a new source of wealth and can lead to some peaceful activities, from conversion in the green spaces of the city to the lobbying statehouse and the volunteerism in the neighborhoods. the unrighteous. Because the sky is attached to everything, everywhere, follow your desires in an action.

Nature photography has influenced the creation and conservation of Yellowstone National Park. Your natural touches can help the world. CNN’s Bill Weir gives you some tips on how to improve your natural image.

And this feeds into steps 2 and 3.

In 2019, FEMA radically changed the way they assess river damage in the country. Instead of just looking at the negative and high forecast, they listed 78 socioeconomic factors ranging from inequality of income to the availability of the fastest network in the church membership. . Because of this, these factors determine the speed of return, stable and reliable coastal communities are less likely to be at risk than cities 50 miles inland.

By throwing the Earth out of inequality, we have baked ourselves into a paper with three parts: Mitigation (eliminating the problem), change (strengthening the problem) and pain. However, the size of each unit is not determined, but a strong community is organized to help all three. There is no more threat to the unclean.

The two years since your birth have been filled with illness, rebellion, impeachment, a cold civil war at home, a hot war in Eastern Europe and the destruction of the truth. Throw in the combination of a lot of work, excitement and stress and ’22 is … great.

But in covering this topic, I found that facing a peer-review doom every day is a threat to your health. For thinking and success, we need to invest two at the end of life as we have seen a Life as we know it. It’s not a paintball to save the ones we love, but a buckshot bunch of better ideas.

And for Earth Day? Think about it: What would life be like if you just showed Mom your love for her on Mother’s Day? Even if you don’t think twice about it the rest of the year, you’re only hurting yourself.



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