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Teeth are necessary; Baby teeth and adult teeth are important to take care of. Even if baby teeth fall out, you want to care for and treat them like adult teeth. You need to play your part as a parent to make sure your second child is brushing hard during the day. If your child’s teeth are lost quickly, the rest of the teeth may be moving and there is no place for the adult teeth to grow. In addition, tooth decay can be costly to treat, lead to other serious illnesses, and cause great pain to your child. Tooth decay is more common in children. This is why you need to make sure that you see the same tooth Dr. Bobby Chhoker in Sydney, take care of your family’s oral health. Dental cleaning is important for the health and well -being of your children. .

Here are some tips you can use to prevent cavities in your child’s mouth:

Take care of your teeth and your neck

Just as children take in our personal style, they also take advantage of our cleaning habits. This is especially true for bathing and brushing. When your child sees you taking care of your teeth and neck, they will follow in your footsteps. This is important because you want your child to pick these youngsters.

Teach your child to brush and floss every day

Before the first teeth arrive, clean her neck with a cloth or soft cloth to remove plaque. When the first teeth start to form, use a soft toothbrush to clean his teeth. However, please talk to your dentist if your baby is over three years old and determine if it is safe to start using fluoride toothpaste and how much.

You should add a small amount of fluoride to the toothpaste for every child under six years of age. When your child starts to have teeth touching each other, start flossing his or her teeth.


Water is as important to your child as you are. Water is one of the easiest ways to prevent cavities in your child. Make sure your baby drinks water all day, especially after feeding.

The water helps to keep the bacteria out of the mouth, and also prevents the buildup of acid on his teeth. Consider giving your child fluoridated tap water to add an extra layer of protection because fluoride is a secondary preservative.

Healthy Foods

Avoid giving your child sugarcane and junk from an early age. You need to make sure your baby is eating the right foods to prevent tooth decay. Think again about giving your child vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. The goal is to clean your child’s mouth from the contaminants that cause plaque. If you give your baby foods high in sugar or sweet foods like honey and grapes, you need to brush his teeth with water.

Pay close attention to water as it is not a healthy option for babies. Be very careful about giving them fruits because there is a rich fiber and not in the fruit juice. Although they are similar, the two options do not offer the same value and are different.

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