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Dear Jen is a new story from TripIt that asks Jen Moysevice president of product for TripIt from Concur, for his best advice on traveling these days. Jen spends her time focusing on solving problems for busy travelers, and as a traveler herself, she is familiar with the current travel climate and how to best prepare. for a country that is constantly changing.

Check out his latest tips, on how to travel by air to Europe, booking vacations, and more below. Do you need advice? Leave your questions for Jen at the end.

DEAR JEN: I consider myself a seasoned traveler, but air travel is like the Wild, Wild West right now. Any tips to reduce bullying? – NOT MY FIRST RODEO

Hello Not My First Rodeo: Hope and preparing for chaos is the best thing you can do now (and for the future). Book your trip for early morning and build up the days, especially if you have a big event coming up (perhaps a wedding), or a time to do something (like leaving the cruise ship ). That extra time will save you stress in the event of a delay, or cancellation. Build that schedule into your schedules as well. Although two hours before the gold standard, I now recommend planning three or more to be safe. Get to the airport early (the lines will be long, so consider CLEAR and/or TSA PreCheck or Global Entry), and try to do everything calmly. Keep in mind that airport staff are often reluctant to deal with lost luggage, so keep the necessary items in your carry-on and know what to do if your bag is damaged. I know it’s hard to keep your cool, but having a good attitude, respect for everyone, and patience can go a long way.

DEAR JEN: I know I like to travel for the holidays, and I don’t write about my travel until I’m done. But I am worried about the rising prices. Would it be wiser to book now or wait? – NOW OR LATER

Thanks now or later: If you know where you want to go, I’d say book your trip now. I can’t predict what will happen with prices, but it’s safer to have a flight booked than not (even if airlines continue to cut routes or Plane to continue covering the riders). With many airlines eliminating change fees, and some even ending travel bookings, booking early is more convenient than ever. Please add your flight plans to TripIt. If you’re a TripIt Pro subscriber, you’ll be notified if your flight is canceled after you’ve booked, and you’ll get a refund. If you open a tour, then be aware of travel contracts and read them quickly when a contract comes out. These deals are short-lived, but they’re a great way to save a lot on your trip.

DEAR JEN: Everyone I know is going to Europe right now! What’s the deal? – THE DISRUPTION OF EUROPE

Love European Wanderlust: I feel the same way! I had three different friends in Italy last week! Why, well, we know that America has a long love affair with Europe, and especially now, as travelers make up lost time and lose travelers because of the flu. , especially Europe on their list. Another reason we see people moving to Europe is the strength of the currency; for the first time in nearly 20 years, it has reached parity with the Euro. The real reason Europe is selling! However, Europe is struggling with a major return to travel amid labor shortages and bad weather. Keep that in mind when choosing where to visit and see my answer to NOT MY FIRST RODEO on how to make a trip there.

DEAR JEN: Travel restrictions and restrictions related to COVID-19 are disappearing around the world. Should I consider COVID “over” when traveling? – What is tradition?

Hello What is the Protocol: While you are right about the continued travel restrictions and requirements, I am sorry to say that COVID-19 is not “over”. If it’s true, I think many people would agree that it probably isn’t. While it’s good to have tools to help us avoid serious illness or death, catching COVID-19 is especially important when traveling and in public places. public, it is a problem, and you should not take it lightly. I, for one, will continue to use masks on airplanes and indoors, and believe it or not, many places around the world have mask requirements. So my advice: Don’t be afraid to travel (unless you’re sick, in which case please follow CDC guidelines), just be smart–bring and wear masks, record some tests if necessary, make digital copies. of your vaccination or negative test records, research on the prevalence and requirements of your destination (including what to do if you test positive there), and stay on top of existing restrictions and requirements (and may continue to evolve).

PS TripIt makes it easy to do this!

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