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Dear Jen is a new story from TripIt asking Jen Moysevice president of productivity for TripIt from Concur, for his excellent advice on how to travel today. Jen spends most of her time solving problems for professional travelers, and as an avid traveler herself, she is familiar with the current state of travel and how to prepare well. for a land that is constantly changing.

Check out his new tips on how to travel, travel insurance, road trips, long -distance travel, and more below. Do you need advice? Leave your questions for Jen at the end.

DEAR JEN: It’s been a long time since my trip, and even though I’ve kept to the COVID-19 protocols, things have changed again. What should I see before my trip to May? – A PROPERTY

Aloha It’s been a while: Masks are coming down, and a lot of places are starting to carry COVID -19 orders, but that’s not to say there aren’t any restrictions – especially for those who aren’t registered. You need to look at the situation on your journey and look at things like the amount of disease, because new forms can cause spikes in some areas. Depending on your personal comfort level, you may want to take precautions, such as taking masks and tests, or getting a new booster if you are over 50.

And even though COVID-19 levels are lower than they were a year ago, more people are getting vaccine, there is still a chance you could get sick earlier. , during, or after a trip, and you are wise to get sick. return design for all features. Before the COVID -19, that’s the truth – no one would fly on a plane if they were sick.

I don’t think we will return to the state where we lived in the worst of the disease, but things will continue to change, and you need to be careful to make sure your journey goes as smoothly as possible. expected.

DEAR JEN: I’m thinking of booking a trip to Mexico, and I’m so excited to think about my first world trip from illness. But I didn’t practice! What should I add to my planning board? – MAKAUKAU I JET-SET

Dear Ready to Jet Set: The first thing you should consider is your passport. Many people relinquish their passports during illness, and the waiting times for renewals are longer than usual. Even if you don’t have your trip booked, but world travel is on your radar, update your passport now! Remember you do not have to wait until your passport has expired to renew. If your passport expires in a year, I will start working again.

Also, check the other travel agents you use regularly and make sure you don’t let them pass you by. The lines at the airport are longer than usual, and you’ll appreciate getting a CLEAR and / or TSA PreCheck (I really like the combo!), Or Global Entry if You are traveling the world.

Super pro advice: If you upgrade your passport, make sure to update your entry level to compete! I can tell you from the experience that not doing so will definitely prove the problem.

DEAR JEN: I have a vacation plan for July, but I’m wary of new things coming up that could disrupt my trip. Should I consider buying travel insurance? – CONCLUSION

Love Concerns: During illness, many airlines lose their exchange rates, so if you are not booked for something else in the nature of your trip, such as a trip or some other type of trip, it is not necessary. You get new travel insurance. If you have any other costs associated with your trip, you should take a look. Be sure to take a closer look at the sections to make sure they cover some of the things that are going to happen for you and your travel group. Also, look at what your credit card will cover with travel insurance – many of them have their own coverage.

Speaking of exchange rates, I don’t see airlines re-implementing them in the same way as pre-pandemic. However, I also see airlines paying back costs in other ways, such as renting luggage or some seats.

DEAR JEN: I’m back on a business trip and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of my favorite characters. Any tips for booking my first business trip from 2020? – KOA ALANUI

Alanui Koa: The number of routes and frequencies has changed during illness, so plan and book ahead to make sure you get the flight you want. You may be accustomed to taking a non -stop route at times to find your customer, but that may not be the case. We know business travelers want to be easy when they go, which means waiting for the book until the last minute, but it can be food for disaster.

The good news is that almost all travel executives from an SAP Concur survey say their company has been working on the past 12 months to prepare for the increase in business travel in 2022. , with the introduction of new travel equipment and technology, revises travel policies. and providing up -to -date travel -related training to staff.

DEAR JEN: As we approach summer in the United States, do you think road trips will continue to be a popular holiday? – TRYING TO BREAK THE COURT

Feel free to try to avoid driving: During the illness, road trips came out on top. We have always seen rental cars in high demand, especially during the summer holidays. Travel photographer Max Loew told us, “During my illness, my travel routine changed a bit. In the beginning, travel was a lot of hiking and camping as a precaution. to others and be safe. ”

However, new research data from TripIt shows that more travelers are planning to travel by plane than by car, and this is the first time we’ve heard of it since it began. disease. I think we will see a slight slowdown in road travel this summer if gas prices continue to rise, which people are predicting to rise. Another factor that can lead to this kind of delay is to think about the environment. We can see more travelers considering the train journey, for example.

DEAR JEN: What is your advice for those who are looking to travel with a continuing mindset? – GREEN AREA

Hello Mom Mom trip: Start small. When you think about supporting the environment, the details can matter; many of our climate problems can destroy some of us. If you are not ready to take your flight on environmental factors, such as its carbon footprint, then think twice. Bring a water bottle and a coffee cup. Instead of parking, consider taking public transportation, opting for a private car, or taking a walk. Not only will these small changes help reduce emissions, but they are also a great way to explore and discover a new place.

Another option to reduce carbon emissions is to stay close to home. Plan a camping trip at a campsite or park; it can give you peace of mind because of the carbon reduction that is kept from taking in and using energy.

Remember: If you can’t do one thing, you can do another. Can’t choose to travel forever? All right, don’t beat yourself up! Find another way to make a good result. You can eat less meat, use the sun’s energy, or drive an electric car. These “jobs” aren’t meant to be, they’re just examples of looking at the role you’re playing. Although sometimes problems cannot be solved, we are all together.

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