Tickets for the new Ghibli Park are on sale in Japan

(CNN) — Fans of “My Neighbor Totoro,” “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” and other films from the Studio Ghibli franchise, will have a new destination to add to their travel list later this year.

Ghibli Park, opening on November 1 in Japan, will be a sick dream of a theme park for those who have watched beautiful and surreal films and want to go into the worlds which they build.

The Ghibli canon emphasizes themes of nature, friendship, strong female characters, flying machines, fate and heroism. Their aesthetic is naturalism meets steampunk, sprinkled with its own unique style of magic realism.

02 Ghibli Park Ghibli_s_Grand_Warehouse

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse will house artifacts and exhibits from various films by the studio.

Studio Ghibli

Until recently, rumors of the legendary Ghibli Park had flowed rather than leaked, teased in small blurbs in Japanese publications. It is unclear how the pandemic will affect the opening date and what visitors will see when it opens.

Here’s what we know

Ghibli Park is located in Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park, less than two hours from Kyoto by train. The educational park will be approximately 17.5 hectares when completed. (A soccer field is one hectare in size.)

When it opens in November, three of the five planned locations will be ready. The main attraction is Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, an indoor facility that stores artifacts and exhibits from the movies including the Robot Soldier from “Castle in the Sky,” the Catbus from “Totoro,” and an amusement park. other from “The Secret World of Arrietty. .”

03 Ghibli Park Hill_of_Youth

On the right, a rendering of the old storefront scene from “Whisper of the Heart.”

Studio Ghibli

A second episode, “Hill of Youth,” features the old store from “Whisper of the Heart” and some fun from “The Cat Returns.” And the third is Donndoko Forest with a full recreation of Satsuki and Mei’s house from “My Neighbor Totoro” and a Totoro-themed playground.

One of the two areas to open later (“after 2023,” the park’s press office says) is Mononoke Village, about “Princess Mononoke” and her journey among the animal gods big forest The artist shows children playing Demon God.

Another is the Valley of Witches, which includes some parts of the trippy “Howl’s Moving Castle,” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” about a strong and tough young witch. The photo shows a teacup decorated with the cat Kiki Jiji.

If you go to Ghibli Park, don’t expect a Catbus ride, Kiki’s broomstick “Avatar”-style ride or a Ponyo Under the Sea ride. “Take a walk, enjoy the breeze, and see the wonders,” the park’s website offers.

Consider exercise and motivation for meditation rather than pyrotechnics and stomach-turning.

05 Ghibli Park Valley_of_Witches

The Valley of the Witches is home to attractions from “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”

Studio Ghibli

How to visit

Tickets will be available online on August 10 for dates starting November 1. Reservations are required, as tickets are not sold out.

You need to buy separate tickets for each attraction you want to visit.

Ghibli’s biggest store. It is ¥2,000 ($15) for adults and ¥1,000 ($7.50) for children on weekdays. On weekends and holidays, that price is ¥2,500 ($19) for adults and ¥1,250 ($9) for children.

04 Ghibli Park Mononoke_Village

Mononoke Village summons a world with giant forest animal gods.

Studio Ghibli

The park is open from 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays (except public school holidays) and from 9 am to 5 pm on public holidays and weekends. It is closed on Tuesdays unless Tuesday is a holiday.

Currently, the Ghibli Park website and sales page are only in Japanese.

You are waiting

Most of the Studio Ghibli films listed here are available to watch on the Disney+ streaming service. And you can follow that Ghibli Twitter feed for more jokes to come, made even more obscure by the Japanese characters.

This article has been updated.

Top photo: A recreation of Satsuki and Mei’s house from “My Neighbor Totoro.” ⓒ Studio Ghibli

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