Three dimensional Mn-doped nanosheets as suitable electrocatalysts for the separation of alkaline liquids

ʻEkolu dimensional Mn-doped NixSy / Ni2P a me Mn-doped Ni2O3 / Ni2P nanosheets ma ke ʻano he electrocatalysts kūpono no ka wai holoʻokoʻa alkaline.

Mn-doped Ni2O3/ Ni2P a me Mn-doped NixSy / Ni2P is best produced by hydrothermal reaction and after phosphorization and sulfurization. The test results also show the presence of heterostructures and the similarity of the electrocatalysts formed. Published: Science China Press

Hydrogen has been widely welcomed by the consulting industry and industry as an energy source due to its natural environmental balance, volume, and high energy efficiency (120 MJ kg.−1). Electrocatalytic removal of water is a fun way to produce hydrogen, more electricity from new sources to reduce the release of carbon dioxide in the process.

The oxygen evolution reaction (OER) at the anode and the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) at the cathode are two-partial in electrocatalytic water separation. The Pt- and Ru / Ir compounds are the well-known noble metal electrocatalysts for HER and OER. However, the small size and high cost of such fine metals prevent their application in water electrolysis. Therefore, with global expectations, it is necessary to develop low -impact metal electrocatalysts in the world for water separation technologies. Nowadays, electrocatalysts have been proven to produce Ni to promote electrocatalytic liquid separation, but their performance is not sufficient for high hydrogen production.

The company in China won the Mn-doped Ni2O3/ Ni2P a me Mn-doped NixSy/ Ni2P by simple hydrothermal process and after phosphorization and sulfurization method.

High levels of X-ray diffraction (XRD) of Mn-doped NixSy/ Ni2P a me Mn-doped Ni2O3/ Ni2P represents Mn-doped NixSy/ Ni2P is composed of NixSy and Ni2P, while Mn-doped Ni2O3/ Ni2P is Ni2O3 and Ni2P. In addition, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images show the microstructure nanosheets of Mn-doped Ni.2O3/ Ni2P a me Mn-doped NixSy/ Ni2P. However, the heterostructure of Ni2O3/ Ni2P and NixSy/ Ni2P is captured by high -resolution TEM images.

It benefits from electrical modulation and high-energy, Mn-doped Ni systems2O3/ Ni2P showed high HER activity with a current size of −10 mA cm2 at an overpotential low of 104 mV. Currently, Mn-doped NixSy/ Ni2P has a current thickness of 100 mA cm2 at a low overpotential of 290 mV for OER and shows a constant potential at 50 mA cm2 at 160 h. Interestingly, the electrolytic cell constructed by these two electrocatalysts requires a cell voltage of only 1.65 V to obtain 10 mA cm.2 with a high stability at 50 mA cm2 no 120 h.

Finally, by combining the three designs, Mn doping, heterostructure engineering, and the use of 3D-nanosheet arrays, Mn-doped Ni2O3/ Ni2P a me Mn-doped NixSy/ Ni2P is best formed by a simple hydrothermal reaction followed by phosphorization, in the case of Mn-doped Ni.xSy/ Ni2P, sulfurization. High intrinsic processes are carried out by electrical modulation of heterostructures and Mn doping, although most of the work areas are confirmed by the addition of surface areas from 3D-nanosheet arrays. The combination enhances electrocatalytic activities related to HER, OER, and total water separation.

The research is published in China Materials Science.

Nickel phosphide nanoparticle catalyst is the complete package

More information:
Yuanzhi Luo et al, Multiple heterostructure technology and Mn doping modulation of Ni2P nanosheet arrays for enhanced electrocatalytic fluid, China Materials Science (2022). DOI: 10.1007 / s40843-021-1953-5

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