Thousands were hospitalized as Iraq was ravaged by landslides

Thousands were hospitalized as Iraq was ravaged by landslides

A man walks on the street during a mudslide in the Iraqi city of Nasiriyah south of Dhi Qar.

The landslide left much of Iraq leaving many people in hospital with respiratory problems, the health minister said on Saturday.

The storm erupted in the north of the country on Friday, shutting down planes serving Arbil, the capital of Kurdistan.

As the storm moved south, Baghdad and the cities as far south as Nasiriyah were covered with a ghostly orange.

In the capital, houses and cars were covered in red soil, AFP reporters reported.

The storm has left “thousands of hostels in Iraq due to respiratory problems”, Health Minister Saif al-Badr told AFP.

The head of Iraq’s meteorological department, Amer al-Jabri, said that while soil erosion is not uncommon in Iraq, they have often grown “due to drought, desertification and declining rainfall. i was”.

Iraq is struggling to cope with climate change, having seen low rainfall and high temperatures in recent years.

Experts say these things threaten social and economic disaster in the war -torn country.

In November, the World Bank said Iraq could experience a 20 percent drop in water resources by 2050 as a result of climate change.

Cholera is on the rise in Iraq, spreading to the Kurdish region

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