This land is called the land of Europe for swimming

(CNN) – Europe’s swimming pools have improved dramatically in recent years, with a new report released this week by the European Environment Agency (EEA) showing nearly 85% of its swimming pools. now it’s “good.”

The annual swimming pool report looked at about 22,000 swimming pools on land and beach between the EU member states, Albania and Switzerland by 2021. The UK, leaving the EU, did not come show for the first time.

The Austrian continent, known for its many beautiful lakes bordering the Alpine waters of Achensee in Tyrol and the emerald-hued Weissensee in Carinthia, is on the plateau, with 97.7% of the population. its waters are shown to be very good.

Just behind at the top of the list are four Mediterranean holiday destinations: Malta, Greece, Croatia and Cyprus. Denmark and Germany are the other countries with more than nine out of 10 sites having the highest ranking.

Portugal is in 10th place, with 88.5%, while Italy (87.9%) and Spain (87.4%) are in 12th and 13th place.

France’s tourism peak is down to the level, with 75.7%, while Poland is the lowest with only 44.5% – well behind Slovakia with 50% and Hungary with 60.2%.

Elevated levels

Malta is also called.  2 on the list of the best swimming spots in Europe.

Malta is also called. 2 on the list of the best swimming spots in Europe.

Efesenko / Adobe Stock

The review was undertaken by the EEA in collaboration with the European Commission. Local and state officials took water samples during swimming and inspected them for bacterial species indicating contamination from the water and animal husbandry.

Water was rated “good,” “good,” “sufficient” or “poor,” according to European Union standards.

Swimming in water that is considered poor can lead to disease – if the water is swallowed, those who swim can get stomach aches or illness.

France’s 99 swimming pools are classified as “poor,” meaning they will be closed in the future, with measures to reduce pollution and eliminate health risks.

Areas listed as poor must continue to be closed for five years – this is found in 31 swimming pools in Italy, eight in France and two in the Netherlands.

That rule is part of the Bathing Water Directive that was approved in 2006 and has resulted in a number of well -established systems that have continued to grow since then. EU water quality was high with the lowest water levels achieved in 95.2% of all systems evaluated.

The cleanest bathing water in Europe

1. Austria (97.7%)

2. Melita (96.6%)

3. Helene (95.8%)

4. Croatia (95.7%)

5. Copper (93.3%)

6. Denmark (91.9%)

7. Germany (90.4%)

8. Bulgaria (89.8%)

9. Lithuania (89.2%)

10. Portugal (88.5%)

Top photo: Lake Achensee in Austria. Available: Ralph Hoppe / photo / Adobe Stock

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