This is the best way to choose your European list

What better place to start a journey than in the ancient Capital of England, London? You may want to check out Buckingham Palace and London Tower (or just a few theaters), before the tour begins in the famous Contiki Basement. There you will meet your Trip Manager and the Contiki team and get all the deets you need for your trip.

And where is our first place? Paris, of course. (2 bucket-list city in a day. You know how we roll). We had two nights to tour the hip neighborhood of Montmartre, fulfill our cabaret dreams at the Moulin Rouge, or fill ourselves up with cheese and wine.

Where else? Venice, where do you go on that gondola ride. Florence is ready so far for lovers of art and history (and it’s a wonderful night to wonder if your bag is bigger), and then there’s Rome, Munich and Amsterdam, for example. , The difference is the fragrance of life, and because they are one of the most pleasant. cities of the world.

From visiting the Colosseum to drinking steins and diving into the Dam, where do you find all this information in one trip? It’s called European Highlights for a reason.

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