This Contiki family reunited 50 (!) Years ago

To show us that their trip was not just about wet huts and cold rain, Carol kindly asked her team to tell us about their highlights of the trip. Here are some of our favorites:

“Taking the train through the Jungfrau, Switzerland, which is called“ The Top of Europe ”and skiing at the top of the Lauterbrunnen-Murren mountain range.

Yes, that’s very good. That’s why we’re doing it today!

“Drive our Contiki Red Van around the Monte Carlo Formula 1 circuit itself, and see Jackie Stewart, the famous British driver. We were also able to wander around the Pits and watch the amazing F1 cars and see a little bit of the high life of the Grand Prix. Can’t get lost in the Pits right now… ”

Uhh, yeah … this is amazing to be honest, but I don’t think F1 gives us this kind of entry these days. So if the Contiki driver doesn’t go wrong, I’m afraid this won’t go on tours next year.

“La Pajama. We all wore our PJs for the day trip to Kavala, Greece. We had to make sure we were wearing underwear anyway! The samples given to us, by the familiarly, when we all left our little red Contiki car at PJ’s it was so funny!

Love it. And Carol, how happy you are to see that we continue to go in beautiful dress! Some things don’t change …

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