These retro Contiki ads are funny and we are there for it

It’s hard to choose our favorite pieces about this ad. Of course, there is the music itself, as beautiful of the 80s as can be found. Extra synths, epic backing vocals, the “CONTIKI HOLIDAAYS” crescendo. Just that, very beautiful.

But there are a few other personal features pictured at the beginning (perhaps using high -quality editing technology?) For the woman ‘looking for a normal daily routine’. Poor Jane lived in her heavy womb, dreaming of a better life. But he soon reunited (and beautifully) with the man with a large ten throwing one into the lake. Is this happening in Jane’s head? This was what he really wanted as he was sending faxes from his gray office. Mea nani.

The line, ‘Not too late, but not soon.’ Yes, he has an idea. What a banger tbh.

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